By the grace of God, we have entered the year 2021 despite the covid-19 pandemic. Always by His grace we will continue to serve Him faithfully.

Since God is at work through us, we take every opportunity to evangelize from house to house, in the streets, on the media, on WhatsApp, and more. We do not fail to make visits where the need is felt, especially for widows and orphans who find it difficult to find food in this period of pandemic. Indeed, as the main church of Adakpame is under construction, this has produced a change of worship place. We have a worship service first for young people and a second service for adults. All this because of space which is restricted and especially the rigorous measures to avoid contamination by covid-19

We pray and hope for help for the completion of His glorious temple.

I need a new second-hand vehicle. Our God is faithful and He will provide it.

Finally, we must know that we in the last times, be awake in the faith, and continue to serve the Lord

with zeal.


-Safety from covid-19

– You who day and night pray for the advancement of the kingdom of God

– Strength, courage, and health to serve God day after day

– For souls to be saved in this time of pandemic


Personal Prayer Requests:

-Prompt recovery for those infected with covid-19

– Vision to plant another church

– People being saved and discipled

– Visiting widows, orphans, and others

– Financial support for the family and the ministry


Ministry Prayer Requests:

– Growth for the 3 churches Adakpame, Devego-Dongbeli, and Dague

– Increased ability to minister to people digitally during this pandemic

– Discipling all those saved through the preaching of the Gospel

– $ 8000.00 US to continue the construction of His temple

– $ 7000.00 US for a second-hand vehicle purchase

– $ 4000.00 US to obtain the financial titles for the grounds of the 3 churches


Pastor Etienne Kodjo DEGBEY

President of IGM TOGO