Beloved in the Lord,

We are gradually moving towards the end of this year 2020. It has certainly been a particularly difficult year socially, economically and even spiritually. But “Hitherto hath the LORD helped us”. To Him be all the glory and honor forever!

Beloved and partners in the Lord’s Field, it is also for me and my family the opportunity to reiterate our thanks and gratitude for your faithful commitment and unwavering support throughout. May the Lord whom you serve in this way bless you richly in return as He has promised (2Cor. 8 / 8-11).

Our family is doing well. It is with joy and gratitude to the Lord that we celebrated on November 28 the marriage of Debora, our second daughter, to Ezekiel NABI. It was a moment of great joy for the whole family to see her embark on this new adventure of faith. We appreciate your prayer for them, so that the good hand of the Lord will accompany them.

The church also is growing spiritually and in number. Many disciples take responsibilities and accomplish them with joy. We resumed door to door evangelism, after the lock down. The church meeting restarted since May 10th, 2020.

In terms of infrastructure, we have completed the construction of the primary school with toilets for the pupils, thanks to your support. Last school-year the second promotion of our school got an encouraging result at the end-of-year exams, with 22 admitted out of 33 presented, that is 66% of success. For this 2020 and 2021 school-year we have a total of 244 pupils taught by 6 teachers. We are very grateful to God for that privilege that He gave us to impact this children’s life with the Gospel.

The women training center in tailoring and weaving is doing well. This year, 10 women registered themselves for the training in sewing and weaving. Naomi leads them in prayer each morning before they start and into Bible studies once a week. Most of these women are from Muslim families. They appreciate this opportunity to be trained and enjoy the times of prayer sharing their worries for prayer.

We give thanks to God in a special way for the Church of Bigtogo which we now call “Evangelical Church Maranatha of Bigtogo”. At the beginning of the year we ask ourselves the question of how we will do the winter period. But God has heard our prayers and pleas. He aroused men and women who donated for the construction of cement shed with a tin roof; which now allows us to meet in peace. We thank you for this wonderful gift and we are grateful to Leitchfield Baptist Church for his engagement in this case. On Sunday November 1st we dedicated the shed to God during an inaugural service. On the occasion we organized an evangelism week. We went door to door where we visited 252 families with booklets.

We also organized a football competition which brought together 5 teams from the neighboring villages of Bigtogo. About 450 young people attended, and we preached the gospel of Christ to them. On Saturday 31st we screened an evangelistic film that brought together more than 500 people, who heard the message of salvation. We ended the week with a dedication service from our place of worship, which also saw the presence of the village notables.

We give all The Glory to God and we are so grateful for all you did and continue to do, we appreciate so much your faithful support!

Prayers request:

  • Continue to pray for security issue in our country. More one million people left their homes and live in refugees camps. Please pray God to give wisdom, strength and courage to our government so that they would find a good way to secure all the country.


  • Since September 2020, we have water terrible issue. Our well that we use for 8 years had started to peter out. Now it is completely dried. From October we have to go far to find water for our family need and for the school pupils. Please pray God to provide $ 3,000.00 a new well.


  • Pray for the church of Bigtogo, more than 50 children are meeting there every week. Then pray for their growing in their faith and for leaders’ strength and wisdom to lead them under God’s direction. Also pray God to provide for materials need.


  • Also pray for women vocational school needs. Pray for teachers and harmony between teachers and learners.

As we are preparing to celebrate the birthday of the Prince of peace, I pray that His peace remain in your hearts, in your families and in your entire Nation!




Pastor LOMPO K. Robert and Naomi