Dear IGM partners,

We greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are really happy to read you, and to know that you are so interested in our well-being. We bless the Lord for all his concerns towards us and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all of your spiritual and financial support. Indeed, we were encountering many trials and difficulties even before the pandemic situation. Only they got worse, but we still continued to believe in the fidelity of God who entrusted us with his work here below. So, Coronavirus being an unforeseen situation and common to all social strata, sparing no area of life, has really affected us precisely in the financial area. Everything being closed for almost three (03) months, even our churches, it was difficult to receive tithe and offerings to especially provide church needs but also our own needs. Small businesses (restaurants, hairdressing salons, shops, refreshment stalls, etc. had to be closed. Unfortunately, the money was used to provide food supplies throughout the confinement period. Front of deconfinement, the financial means are therefore lacking to restart activities; main
sources of income for an entire family. The studies of many students and pupils are threatened due to lack of financial means. By the grace of God we have not experienced any death from covid-19 in our community and we truly thank the Lord for it.

In addition to that, our country Ivory Coast is under socio-political tension because of the elections which will take place precisely on October 31, 2020. This situation puts the whole economy in slowdown or on hold, which is an disavantages for all our socio-economic activities. We are convinced that in front of all these problems God is faithful to answer us, which is why we are raising prayers to Him every day, and we want to share them with you:

1. May God grant financial resources to all his families in order to be able to restart their activities
2. May God allow the capability so that many pupils and students find their way back to school.
3. May God grant a climate of peace and security to our country Côte d’Ivoire.
4. May God give strength and courage to many members of our community who are losing
faith because of all these crises in order to find their way back to the church.
5. May God make the times favorable for our seminary training and evangelism programs.

Hope that our email will answer all your concerns about us, we are ready to provide further information or clarification to help us in this partnership for the glory of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for receiving all our sincere greetings in Jesus.