I thank God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did, with a clear conscience,as night and day I constantly remember you in our prayers.its almost five months since covid-19 was declared a calamity,and churches closed ,our town put in a lockdown.things changed very quickly what we Hope for turned from good to worse condition.what encourages me is that it has given us the opportunity to win souls for Christ. throughout this moment our faith has been in testing it started with all my four children, Valentine, Greg, Carol and Veronica all were infected with malaria,we thank God partners joined us in this and we managed to get the to the hospital,then in June my wife Emily and lastly me just last week. We thank God for healing. our ministry is in the most populated Muslim area in fact there are our neighbors,there prayer is to see there is nothing like church in there locality but God is good we are winning them to Christ.the pandemic has brought more harm to the church in Kenya Church member’s have run away from their pastors,we are going through tough time especially to us who are full-time ministers, let’s join our hands raising them to Yahweh for healing of his church.the church in Africa is just a mile wide and an inch deep.our Bible schools are also affected this is the core of a Baptist Church.
Prayer request:
1.praise to God for three Muslim brothers who accepted Christ yesterday in our home.Mtwapa Mombasa.
2. Thank God for healing my entire family
1. Pray for our food condition it’s worse here this creating more temptation to my family’s
2 pray for our security in this place,because of our brothers of a different mother who are accepting Christ in there lives.
3.Pray with us God to provide us with$300 so we put up the grill windows to our house which was broken by thief’s last week night
Please pray with us for my visa appointment which has been cancelled twice now God to intervene since I don’t know when we’re going to be rescheduled again
4. Pray God for healing of the covid-19.
5. Pray for pastors who are in persecuted area like us.
Everyone with me sends greetings.pray with us those who loves in the Faith.
Grace be with you all.
Godfrey and Emily.