“… Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.” (1Samuel 7 /12)

Beloved in the Lord,
It is with a grateful heart that I hereby share our news with you. We sincerely thank you for your support in the prayer. This quarter has been very difficult all of us; I know it was for you too. We had several challenges before us and tried to survive:

First was the Corona-virus, which unexpectedly disrupted all programs and projects. Burkina Faso like all the other countries in the world has been badly hit by this pandemic with its incalculable consequences on the social, economic and spiritual levels. For two months the government imposed quarantine measures, the main markets were closed, land and air borders closed, travel restricted to the bare minimum, church meetings and evangelism activities suspended… all things that have affected people socially, spiritually and economically. Our school and the activities of the sewing and weaving center were also suspended while waiting for favorable moments.
But we give thanks to the Lord, we are gradually coming out of confinement and since May 10th the churches have resumed their activities, while respecting the barrier measures.
We hereby, express our gratitude to IGM whose support enabled us to help the families of the church with food distribution in this particularly difficult season. This support has been highly appreciated by members of the Church and we give thanks to God. May the Lord continue to bless you and strengthen our partnership!

The second challenge is the insecurity due to terrorism; the arrival of Covid-19 did not calm the terrorists’ fervor. Rather, the attacks intensified and became almost daily in the north and east part of the country. My native village Botou was attacked on May 17, the town hall, the police station and customs were burned. Because of this, I have not been able to go to my village since the death of my mother, on April 15th 2020. Thank you for continuing to carry us in your prayers for the protection and help of God.

Despite the challenges mentioned above, we have continued to do some works. Then by the grace of God and with your support we have completed the construction of toilets for our primary school. It’s a wonderful tool that we have now. Thank you for your prayers!
We also organized two days of door to door evangelization, accompanied by a distribution of tracts and mufflers, in Sakoula and Palagré village. We also visited the Medical Centers of Sakoula and Polsgo and we gave them, hand-washes and soap. These things were very appreciated by the mayor, because it will help to stop the spread of the virus in our community. It was an opportunity to preach the gospel and pray for unhealthy persons.
We continue to pray that this seed will grow and bear fruit for the salvation of many.

The great and urgent challenge remains that of the need for a shed for a place of worship in Bigtogo. As I announced it, started since October the preaching point at Bigtogo continues its little way. About 50 children are getting together twice a week. The meetings are held in a hangar that the first winds of the raining season have come to destroy. We have obtained a plot of 2 hectares in this village and are working to establish there. Our first goal is to build a sheet metal shed, so that meetings can take place without major disruption with raining season.
Please pray for this need and your financial support will be highly appreciated.

Prayers requests:
1. Pray that God will permanently remove terrorist attacks from our country, so that we can live our faith freely and go all over the country to preach the gospel of Christ.

2. Pray for the resumption of our children’s meetings and training for women, which were suspended following the appearance of Covid-19.

3. Pray that the Lord will provide for $ 1,700.00 for the construction of a shed to serve as a place of worship for the new church in Bigtogo.

Remain blessed as you serve the Lord Jesus-Christ!

Pastor LOMPO Kangbaliba and Naomi