Dear Friends,

“A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” Ecclesiastes 3:4

All of the pastors and their families are doing well.

The coronavirus continues affecting more people in the country. The number of people affected now is 537. We are very thankful to the Lord for sparing us from this virus.

Life is not always the way you may want it. As believers, we are really blessed because our Heavenly Father knows and does what is always best for us. The church we are leading, Temple Shalom, went through a hard time on the 8th of June. Two of our members, one young man and a widow, died because of a motorcycle accident. The woman’s husband died in April 2019. They left behind three orphans, 14 years old, 7 years old, and 3 years old. They will be staying with the grandmother in a village. We will be visiting them occasionally. Please, pray for their schooling and for their spiritual education.

At the same moment, a family of six people accepted the Lord on the 9th of June. I burned the man’s talisman the next day. What a great joy it was for us. We were crying for our lost ones but at the same time, we rejoiced for the saved ones. The man teaches at the University in Kara and he went to a fetishist for protection. He said: “I used to laugh at religious people when they would talk about Jesus and the end of time. However, as I witness the volume of storms that pound the world and health scares that paralyze the world, I am reconsidering what they have had to say. Exactly what does the Bible say about these things and why does not God intervene for the sake of humankind?” He asked his young brother who is a member of our church to call his pastor for him. The Lord had prepared their hearts before we arrived. I went through a few verses in the Gospel of John with the man and his family. The man repeated the following statement several times: “I want to give my life to Christ. I do not want to serve Satan.”. “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” Luke 15:10 The fetishist had buried several things in every corner and in the center of the house. We went around and dug up each of those things. We burned them all. He is ready to join the church any time the door is open. Please, pray for their spiritual growth.

Please, pray for one of the churches which went through a difficult time because of the leadership.

We are very thankful for your prayers and for your financial support.

Pastor Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON