June 1st, 2020
Etienne and Djatougbé DEGBEY – IGM national church planter.
Bible Church of Adakpamé
Lomé – Togo
My family and I give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness his taking care of us and the ministry he has assigned me to.
The church members want to serve and adore God as it is said in psalm 133; 1-3. Unfortunately all churches are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. This is very sad but to God be the glory, the Omnipresent God. Nevertheless every one is supposed to continue with home worship. Our country is still locked down two months ago until June 2020. All schools are closed as well as churches.
Due to this pandemic, many church members are vulnerable to famine. Thanks to different donators nearly 500 people have benifited packets of corn, rice, liquid soap etc… This was a favourable moment to share the gospel to the losts. The time of Covid-19 is the salvation time for many. Furthermore we pray and we hope Vacation Bible School activities will be held before the end of the school year. However we’re praying for donators to offer $40 USD to each of our three churches. We also pray for donators to support us with $10, 000 USD to continue the construction of the church and $2, 000 USD to build a shelter for the children of Sunday School. These donation will be well appreciated by God.
– Thanks to God who provides me with wisdom to dwell with people and the church members during this pandemic.
– Vulnerable people are offered foods
– Health Cautions against Covid-19 are taken.
– Monthly support for my family and the ministry
– Foods (a sack of corn, rice)
– VBS in all the churches $ 120 USD
– Purchase a land for the third church at Dagué $10,000 USD
– Funds to build the shelter for the children of Sunday School $2,000USD
– Funds to continue building the main church at Adakpamé $10,000USD
May the Lord richly bless you! Happy Pentecost!
Pastor Etienne Kodjo A. DEGBEY serving with IGM, ekadegbey@igmonline.org