Dear Partners in Christ;

Inspite of the world crisis we can testify of the goodness of our God over the past five months.It’s a joy to share them with you.

Financial contribution to our building project

This was made by Havenhill Baptist Church, a member of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Jamaica of which we a part.The sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Jamaican dollars Us 1984 was given in January of this year.This amount of money helped us to pay the St. Elizabeth Parish Council fee for the submission of a building plan.The area marked out for construction is presehurcntly slabbed 33ft by 80ft. It covers the ground floor.Our concern is that it is exposed to the element. Whenever it rains a lot of water settles on it which seeps through the concrete damaging the pillars and beams upon which it lays. We want to complete the construction of that area against the rain. We want you to know that, that area is an addition to the church’s worship hall.

Protection and safety from covid- 19

We give thanks to God for protecting my family and the members of our church from the deadly disease.Every one is in good health. We have been doing our part in wearing masks, sanitising our hands , surfaces ,observing physical distance etc. Let me hope the members of your church and their families are well.

Reaching a wider audience through the preaching of the word of God

In order to restrict the wide spreading of the disease, the government of Jamaica limit the number of persons attending church and other social gathering.During the month of March only five persons could attend their church. What we did at was to utilize the social media to get the word of God out, not only to our members but to many others around the world For the past two weeks our government have lifted the ban of five persons who could only attend their church. the number increased based on the size of the church’s worship hall after six feet apart measurement for each individual is mark out.. The wearing of masks,sanitization and the washing of hands are still in effect


For the financial contribution from Havenhill Baptist Church

For the open door God gave us for reaching many more people with H is word.

Prayer Requests;

That the Lord’s will be done regarding the covid-19 pandemic.

For the salvation of the lost, the restoration of backsliders and the edification of the saved.

For the protection and mercy of God upon all of us.

Thank You for your prayer and financial support over the years. God bless you

Yours in Christ,

Clifton Smith.