Dear all praying friends and supporters
Greetings from my family and my fellow pastors who knew about me writing this letter, thank you so much for all you have done for us here in Uganda during this hard time of Corona virus
My family are doing well although there was a great challenge one night on 7/5/2020 when Cobra snake came and almost caused a problem but by the grace of God I managed to kill. we are all sleeping on the mattress but on the floor. I thank God for you and all the IGM family who have stood with us during this lock down may the grace of God be with you all.
Prison ministry before the lock down I was visiting prison units where several inmates gave their lives to the Lord. Please pray for me next month I have to visit two prison units under the request of prison officers who told me that I should visit there home although government doesn’t want any visitors ,a prisoner’s mother gave her life to the Lord this happened when I visited there family and they had lost hope where about of their son he had been in prison for 2 years where No one knew where he was until when I visited that prison and I was told by the officer of that prison to look for his family.
On the sad side is that we have lost our fellow pastor called Joseph Makomere of Kisawayi Baptist Church he was buried on 20/5/2020 let us keep his family in prayers
Finally pray for our church we need doors and windows worthy 800 dollars to help us put doors and windows.
Pastor of Uganda Baptist Church Opadamwara Nagongera Tororo Uganda
Paul Okoth