Hello friends!
Here’s the latest on Grenada and us!
Grenada – Covid 19 has turned everyone’s world upside down. As this is written, the borders and airport in Grenada are closed. No visitors of any kind. There have been strict curfews imposed which some did not adhere to. Drones were flown over the capital and over 200 people were arrested! All of the pastors and their families are safe & healthy at this time. There are over 100 Americans planning on a huge VBS summer ministry in July in Grenada. Please pray with us that Grenada will reopen their borders and we can all go safely to Grenada to do God’s work as we have planned. We may not know until mid June if this will be possible. We are sure hopeful that God will allow this, but most of all, we are seeking His will & wisdom as we move forward.
The money raised for the new church building for Pastor Thomas is at the IGM office and we are waiting on permits from the Grenadian government so work can proceed. Along with us, we know there are many of you who are excited to see this church become a reality! We are so very thankful for giving hearts that have made this possible!

Kerry & Terri – The last church we spoke in was on March 15. Since then 6 missions conferences we were scheduled to be at have all cancelled. Understandably so, because of government guidelines. Here in Illinois, our governor has just extended the “shelter at home” restrictions through May 30th. Beginning May 1st, everyone in Illinois must wear a face mask while they are in public. The Covid 19 restrictions are financially affecting people worldwide, including those in full time ministry. We greatly rely on financial support from churches that support the Grenada ministry and the love offerings from the churches where we speak. Needless to say, this pandemic is affecting our income. But here is what happened in April! Three different churches in three different states sent in love gifts that were totally unexpected! We are so grateful for this outpouring of love! Now, all of our April bills have been paid. Our refrigerator is well stocked, including some chocolate from a 4th church! I stopped at Dollar General just as the store manager was stocking the shelves with toilet paper! Our pantry is stocked to meet our short term needs. God is good! He will carry us all to the other side of this pandemic! Churches will reopen, jobs and fellowship will resume and we will be able to get back on the speaking schedule again. Let’s not be discouraged! We serve a loving God Who will continue to meet our needs!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of this ministry!

Serving our Lord with joy unspeakable,
Kerry & Terri Psinas
IGM Missionaries, Grenada West Indies
IGM 990 Calkins Road Rochester NY 14623