By God’s protection, until now I, My family and our community are kept safe from the virus; We trust in the Lord for the time to come.

The quarantine here is helping to protecting people from the virus. He also accentuate poverty; The small job outside stopped and other way of money completion are temporarily closed.

About health

By God grace I recovered from Malaria and doing a three months treatment from Bronchitis. I already made their cure about September 2019 but an exam reveled Malaria again and little scanner view showed that Bronchitis was not healed. I Thank God for that discovery that lead to proper cure It may cost $ 300 USD I have achieved the first month and I am on the next one. I’ getting better. and thank God for that.

About the Ministry

We are doing the Sunday service at home .The few people that are on the network as whats app are receiving transfer messages. Our thought is upon some new converted that have not even a radio to understand the preaching at home during that quarantine. People are thirsty for the Word of God.

May God heals us from the pandemic.

Pastor Thimote & Essita Dayamba
Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry
Emmanuel Church of Bendogo