Dear prayer partners and supporters
Praise the Name of Jesus, it’s my hope and prayer that the good God has blessed you all.The Church at Voice of Hope Baptist in Kikambala, Kenya is doing well, we thank God for His Grace , His hand has been upon upon us, we have seen people coming to Christ, over the past month and we thank God His this wonderful opportunity.Our dear prayer partners and supporters, I have a pressing need in our Church ministry, we trusting God for a Motorcycle that will be used for Church visitation, and be able a tool for reaching more people for the Gospel .The cost of this is $1500 ,this include the purchase, Logbook and insurance, we trust God for this and we pray that God will provide to meet this Church pressing need. May the Lord bless you as you pray
Yours in Christ Jesus
Franklin & Claris
Voice of Hope Baptist Church
Kikambala, East Africa.