Dear Praying Partners,

Greetings from our home in Blairsville, GA as we try and respect our Nations advice of staying home and avoiding groups. This is truly a difficult thing for me as I love socializing and traveling. Having just gone through surgery I am ready to get back on the road and pushing forth our Mission agenda. However, we will make the best of this time as we pull together as Americans and pray and help each other through this difficult time that our Nation is going through. I also have to be careful as my wife, Denise, has a very weak immune system.

In addition to the many transitions we all must make, this is a difficult time financially for many of us whom are limited in what we are able to do. We, personally survive off of our love gifts that we receive through our Church meetings but have been tremendously hit as many of our church’s have had to cancel meetings due to the new statewide policy of limiting our interaction to groups of 10 people or less. Please be reminded that even in these difficult days God is able and will continue to provide for each of us and our many needs. God is always good!!!

I received a phone call from our Pastor Emmanuel in Ivory Coast yesterday morning sharing with me that his country is tightening down in preparation for the virus. They have closed all their schools and small businesses and are beginning to feel the effects. This is truly a difficultly for our Ivorian people as they struggle to provide for their families on a normal basis, but even more so during a time like this. Prayer and our relationship with Christ will pull us through this trying time, worldwide!!!!!

To update you on Denise and I and our health issues that we have recently been dealing with. I have recovered from my medical situation and the surgery has been successful and I have pretty much recovered from all of that. I personally thank each of you for your many prayers and financial help with all of the medical expenses I have incurred through this process. Denise has been doing much better these past weeks. Her strength has been growing each week. She went from 10,000 steps a day down to a 100. Today she is walking around 1300 which is an increase but a long ways from what she had been doing. Her sodium level has risen from a dangerously low number of 120 to 135 which is much better. Please pray that God will protect her from this virus with her immune system still very low. We thank each of you for your many prayers and support. We have been able to recover from many of the medical bills thanks impart to many of you. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!! We still have a need of $2700 to finish these bills off. Please Pray for this need!!!

Our ministries in Ivory Coast continue to move forth. Our newest church plant has been looking for a building to rent for a meeting place. The cheapest we can find is $300 a month and they want 5 months in advance ($1800). Pray that the Lord will provide for this need. We also are planning a new church plant in the Toumoudi area of Ivory Coast and are looking at $1500 to put up a temporary hanger as a meeting place. We continue to move forth in reaching Ivory Coast for Christ and thank each of you for your prayers and support!!!

In addition to Ivory Coast, FMI continues to build on supporting more orphan children around the world. We still have many children that need monthly support at $35 a month. We thank those of you that have recently come on board in helping support these children with so many needs. As this Coronavirus continues to ramp up, it creates more difficulties financially in helping these children. With many of our churches Stateside being shut down each week due to the virus, makes it difficult to share the need with new churches and encourage families to take these unsupported children on for support. Please keep this program in your prayers and if you are interested in helping out our orphan children, please contact our Mission Office and talk to Cheryl. God is faithful and loves each of these little ones!!!

We appreciate so very much your prayers and faithfulness as we work together to reach many for Christ around the world!!!

With much love,
Jim for the Arnolds

Prayer Needs:
1. Pray for protection from this virus as we continue to serve Him
2. Pray that He will provide the $2700 to finish paying off our medical needs.
3. Pray for the $1800 needed to rent our new church plant building and $1500 for the Toumoudi Church hanger.
4. Pray for good health and encouragement as we all face this difficult time in our Nation. God is still God!!!