Beloved in the Lord Christ,
We greet you in the beautiful and precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who by his sacrifice on the cross made us brothers, even though we are from different countries. To him be the glory, in the century of centuries. Amen!
I give thanks to Heavenly Father, who made it possible for Florence, my wife and I to become a member of this large IGM family. Our prayer is that, by his grace, with his soldiers, through our brothers in the USA, that we reach the entire population of Porto-Novo and its surroundings by the good news that heals and saves souls.
Florence and I, as well as our four children: Anahëlle, Adaora, Mérès and Ethan are all doing well, by the grace of God.
The evenings of October 25 & 26, 2019 were devoted to evangelization campaigns, in front of a college not far from the place where we rented to hold the meetings of the new “Eglise Baptiste du Cep” in Porto-Novo;
On October 27, 2019, the first service of the “Eglise Baptiste du Cep” in Porto-Novo took place with three families: Pastor Firmin of the Calavi Church and he’s family, a brother of the Cotonou Church and my family.
To this day, the service is taking place with 7 persons: my wife Florence and I, our four 4 children and Rose VIGNON, a deaf lady, who is for the moment the only person who has accepted to join us to adore on Sundays.
I translate for her the whole service in sign language and even during sermon, I preach and sign at the same time so that Sister Rose also follows the sermon.
My wife Florence and I go every Saturday to meet people, to distribute tracts, presenting Jesus-Christ to them and inviting them to join us.
Twice in the month, I run the Bible study at the Cotonou’s church and twice in the month too at the Calavi’s church.
Prayer requests:
? Pray that God will open the doors of the city of Porto-Novo to the gospel of Jesus Christ;
? Pray with us and ask the Lord to add to his Church in Porto-Novo, those who are saved;
? Pray that God strength our ministry, Florence and I: our desire is that God equips and strengthens us in this ministry;
? Pray that God will protect me when I travel, to teach in the churches of Cotonou and Calavi, which are 22 miles to 35 miles away from my home, I travel to those churches by motorbike;
? Pray also that God will provide for our needs, my family and I: until then, I have no church salary. I just have a flat rate of 130 $ per month.
Together, let’s win Porto-Novo to Christ!
God bless you!