Happy to greet all Brethren hoping and trust that all is well with you and we do pray that it may be so with you in the coming year. Basically I am OK so is my family. As you know the year is almost coming to an end, may I start by wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year which is just about? May I thank the LORD Jesus who I trust has given you His continued Grace and mercy this year 2019, shall His anointing continue to abide upon you all.

To see the year 2019 ending, I thought of you as I do always remember you in my prayers and decided I may write greetings to all Brethren. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer that enable us to see GOD working in our youth Conference in April, followed by National Convention in the Month of August and Women Conference Late in November 2019. The Name of our LORD and Savior was glorified in all ways.

I also don’t forget praising His Name for blessing some of the Orphans in our Midst who sat for their final exam in Primary and Secondary Schools and passed well. May the Grace of the LORD has been upon us. May the Lord bless you highly and continue to stand with you in all ways. Kindly send my Christmas wishes to your family and friends.

In His Calvary,

Pastor John & Rose Orinda,
Gospel Baptist Church
Nairobi, Kenya East Africa.