Dad was able to have his appointment with Dr. Veeder yesterday afternoon. He is an oncologist and has worked with Dad for several years now. He believes this is a squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue. It has spread to the lymph nodes on both sides, and he says that the cancer is medium to fast growing. He said the PET scan does show it has also spread to the clavicle on the right side, but it is not metastatic.
• He confirmed that the surgery is not an option for Dad
• There is a possibility of doing both chemo and radiation for six weeks but nutrition will become a challenge
• He also said that to do nothing is not a good option due to show fast the cancer on the tongue will spread
The next step he recommends is to have a feeding tube put in. Dad has lost a tremendous amount of weight in the past year so getting nourishment is already a problem; it will become more of an issue once radiation begins.
• They meet with a doctor on Monday, October 7 regarding the feeding tube
• They meet with another doctor on Tuesday, October 8 about beginning the radiation treatments.
• Dr. Veeder said he does not think he would recommend chemo for Dad but wanted a chance to think about it overnight and consult with his colleagues.
We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom for Mom and Dad as they make these decisions and for the doctors as they guide them. I plan to travel to Illinois (I live in North Carolina) either this weekend or next depending on when Mom & Dad feel I could be most helpful, and will plan to be there for about a week. I will continue to update you as I know more and am able.


Lonna Lowell