September 2019

Dear friends, brothers and sisters

We greet you warmly in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We count it a privilege to write and help you have information on what happened last summer. We are grateful to all of you for prayers and financial support.

This year, things have changed a little. We have a saying that states: ”when you cannot run, you should know how to hide from danger”. In Apedokoe, we could not conduct Vacations Bible School (VBS) the traditional way. Instead of a three or four days pack of activities, we just scheduled them on four sundays. This was a successful attempt to help solve a situation of lack of sufficient resources. The tradition of distributing gifts after activities held on weekly days has been broken this year. However, the attendance was good enough and we did count about sixty eight children. Nineteen confessed Christ as their personally savior.

On the last Sunday (September 15) the day before schooldays in Togo, we distributed a bunch of copybooks and pens. The news spread quickly. New faces got to show up last Sunday. We recorded fourty five children in attendance.

Next month, we will start preparing for Christmas. Any donations that could help provide gifts to the children, especially those in the situation of necessity will be appreciated. They can be sent to the head office between now and the last day of November. We thank you in advance.

The family is doing better after the ”bitter days” we faced with Agathe’s knee problem at one hand, and the stomach pains of our une younger son at the other hand. Both of them are feeling good. Your prayers were a real support in those difficult days.

The church in Apedokoe does well on Sunday mornings. Weekly days services are left to two familles. The attendance is limited to ten people in maximum. Curiously, Christian behavior is gradually taking possession of the members. This is a matter of rejoicing.

Before we close this newsletter, we would love to share the following ministry needs with you, our partners in the Lord’s vineyard. As the church is growing and aging, we are facing the need of purchasing a land. The family support is not doing too well. We do also appreciate your prayers on our behalves to the Lord.

Thank you for spending part of your time to read this newsletter. May the Lord bless you.

In Christ,
Kossi Anika and family WhatsApp +228 93627788.