END OF QUARTER REPORT I greet all our partners in the name of Jesus. I would like to say thank you to God Almighty who watches over our lives. To him be the glory in the century of ages. Say a big thank you to all the churches and families who continue to support orphans and poor people in our churches. A big thank you to all the direction of the mission and a special thank you to Pastor James Arnold for the effort he expends for the mission in Ivory Coast.

The life of our churches goes to the rhythm of our Lord. At the level of the church of Bouaké, we recorded the arrival of some people who take an active part in the Sunday services and the evening services. The flagship activities are of course the evangelizations. Moments of emphasis when they occur allow the local church to make Christ more known to our Lord. I baptized them (fidelity to the test) because they make us discover the Christians who really bear fruit at all times. May God help to have a stable assembly.

The good news is the great fund-raising to build a temple on the ground that is owned by the Bouaké mission. After threats from the municipal authorities to remove the land, Pastor James and all of you who have been informed, you have brought us to prayer. These authorities have been touched by your prayers and have agreed to give us a reasonable enough time. This period will not expire until we have started construction. May the name of our Lord be exalted. Much of the bricks used for construction have already been made. The mason has always estimated that it took a ton and a half or two tons more cement for the end of montages. With God, everything is possible.
Pastor Jeannot Kouadio opened the missionary field of Guitry in the locality of Divo city in the west of Côte d’Ivoire. He has found a piece of land but he needs $ 1,200 to build a pavilion to serve as a place of worship. The first sum of $ 1,200 sent to him was used to make the bricks at Vavoua. This explains his departure for Guitry. May it be the spiritual Canaan for him and his family.

The prayer requests:
1- Pray for our Sunday school which saw simultaneously its two teachers from Bouaké for professional reasons.
2- Pray for the growth of the local church of Bouaké, for evangelization, for finances and stability.
3- Pray for my health. A pain in my hip sometimes causes mobility problems and also for my eyes.
4- Pray for the safety of my family and for the needs.
5- Pray for the work that will start in Vavoua as soon as the money is available.
6- Pray for Pastor Jeannot and his family. May God give the means for the court $ 1,200
7- Pray for the pastor Kouamé Serges-Pacôme, the place in which they pray has become cramped, he needs a ground.

Thank you to everyone.