Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:
O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: My soul thirsteth for thee,
My flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;
To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.
Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
Thus, will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.
Psalm 63:1–4
What a privilege God has afforded to Nancy and me. We both find ourselves blessed as we are able to entertain so many called servants of our Lord. There is one pastor who never has a problem but just challenges. Then there is another who, whenever I ask him how he is doing, he quickly replies, “Still praising the Lord!” I believe they would be saying the same even if a roof was falling on top of them. It brought to my mind that we are all on a journey and every journey is very personal and individualistic regardless of the many challenges. I thought of the God principle that even though He is interested in our challenges, He is more concerned over our responses.
The trip to India turned out wonderfully compared to our expectations. The neuropathy that I am challenged with daily seemed to be at one of its low points and other physical challenges were not an issue. It is so comforting to know when people are praying for you. One of the main reasons for our trips is to validate the accountability that is anticipated by those who support foreign national pastors and their projects. If I had a million dollars, it would only last a few hours in reaching out to the many challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank the Lord for each one of you that pray for the needs of IGM, missionaries, national church planters, orphans, and the Newharts. It will be twenty years of being the Executive Director of IGM in February of 2020, if our Lord permits. Over this time, one grows to understand personalities, culture and individual characteristics which are invaluable in attempting to meet the needs of each one through their challenges of ministry, death, and moments of great joy! It thrills one’s heart when people make a profession of accepting the Lord Jesus as personal Savior and follow the Lord in baptism. This is the fulfillment of our motto: Together, Reaching the World for Christ.
The following are urgent needs that have come our way in the last few weeks.
1. Pastor Alex Boamah had a challenge in getting a container out of port in Ghana! He needs $6,000 for the unexpected delay.
2. Pastor Peter Gebeor has two challenges. One of replacement of stolen PA system from his church and $1000 for his daddy’s funeral expenses.
3. Garnet Samuels has changed his ministry from Grenada to Trinidad. He also needs $3,000 plus $8,000 for two trips to the emergency room for testing of heart challenges. His eye surgery was cared (paid) for and his heart is doing okay. Praise the Lord!
Sincerely, in His Unconditional Love:
Gary and Nancy Newhart
Your Missionaries
Enabling the world to be reached with the Gospel of Christ!

? For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
? Continue to have good health
? Continued financial support, both for personal and travel
? Need a gardener for the outside property at Mission Central
? Need a Volunteer Office Helper
? Need more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to run the Mission
? *Booking meetings in Indiana for Alex Boamah, for 10 meetings Nov. 3 – 17. If your church would like to schedule a meeting for Alex – please call the IGM office, 585-334-9048.
? Continue to pray for all the Abbott Family which has served in Mexico for over 50 years. Pray especially for David Abbott’s family in the loss of a preacher, son, husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend and mentor to many and Ginger Abbott Franco’s family in the loss of a son, daughter-in-law, and a grandchild on May 6, 2019 in a tragic car accident. Also, pray for David’s daughter, Perla, and Ginger’s granddaughter which are both recovering from many injuries from the accident. Perla has had several surgeries on her knee and will soon have eye surgery.
? Need a Vehicle that runs well and the body is in good condition to replace our cancer ridden van. (tax deductible)
Tentative IGM Activities
Sept. 10 – IGM Quarterly Council Meeting
September 8 – October 13, 2019 Team#3s:
Team #3: Robert & Naomi Lompo (Burkina Faso) (with Jim Arnold-call Jim to book meetings)
Drivers-Gary Newhart or Michael Grubbs
Team #3: Godfrey and Launa Watson, Jamaica:
Sept. 8 SS&MS-Galilean Baptist Church, Grove City, PA
Sept. 8 ES -First Baptist Church, Philipsburg, PA
Sept. 11 Wed.-Charity Bible Church, Scottsville, NY
Sept. 12 Thur.-Amazing Grace Bap. Ch., Oriskany Falls, NY
Sept. 15 SS&MS-Williamson Bible Baptist Church, NY
Sept. 15 ES-Grace Baptist Church, Marion, NY
Sept. 18 Wed.-Grace Baptist Church, Geneva, NY
Sept. 22 SS&MS-Tipton Baptist Church, Tipton, PA
Sept. 22 ES-Lighthouse Baptist Church, Hermitage, PA
Sept. 25 Wed.-New Life Baptist Ch., New Wilmington, PA
Sept. 29 SS&MS-Christian Bible Fellowship, Newville, PA
Sept. 29 ES-Calvary Bible Church, Centre Hall, PA
Oct. 2 Wed.-Victory Baptist Church, Albion, NY
Oct. 6 SS&MS-Calvary Bible Ch., Newton-Hamilton, PA
Oct. 6 ES-Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Prospect, PA
Team #3: Rock Otekpola & Driver & Interpreter, Kouami Midekor
Sept. 8 MS-Embassy of Christ Bible Ch., Rochester, NY
Sept. 8 ES-Maple Ave. Baptist Church, Elmira, NY
Sept. 11 Wed.-First Baptist Church, Hamburg, NY
Sept. 15 SS&MS-Williamson Bible Baptist Church, NY
Sept. 15 ES-Grace Baptist Church, Marion, NY
Sept. 18 10 AM Service, Faith Comm. Chapel, Batavia, NY
Sept. 18 Wed.-Cornerstone Baptist Church, Geneseo, NY
Sept. 22 SS&MS-Fellowship Baptist Ch., Watertown, NY
Sept. 22 ES-Maranatha Bible Baptist Ch., Watertown, NY
Sept. 25 Wed.-First Baptist Church, Holley, NY
Sept.27-28 Conf.-Lake Country Christian Ch., Waterloo, NY
Sept. 29 SS&MS-First Baptist Church, Angelica, NY
Sept. 29 ES-Quackenbush Hill Baptist Church, Corning, NY
Oct. 2 Wed.-Hedstrom Memorial Bap.,Cheektowaga, NY
Oct. 6 SS&MS-First Baptist Church, Spartansburg, PA
Oct. 6 ES-Allegany Baptist Church, NY
Oct. 9 Wed.-Charity Bible Church, Scottsville, NY
Oct. 13 SS&MS-Harvest Bible Fellowship, Rochester, NY
Oct. 13 ES-First Baptist Church, Wyoming, NY
*Nov. 3rd – Nov. 17th – Team #4—will be Alex Boamah, Ghana (see note in the ministry prayer requests)
Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day
Dec. 10–IGM Annual Council Meeting
Dec. 25–Christmas