Dears partners in the ministry,
Receive our warm greetings in Jesus Christ our Lord. We are happy to share with you what the Lord has done for us and what he has done with us during the past quarter.
I thank God for my family who is doing well and our children Ily and Happiness who are growing well. Throughout the term God provided for our needs for the family and for the ministry.
During the month of April, we successfully completed the baptism class I taught. At the end of the courses, three candidates passed through the waters of baptism on the occasion of the celebration of Easter and joined our assembly.
We have taken steps to organize a collective wedding in collaboration with the town hall for couples who have not do the civil wedding of our church and also for the people of the community. And by the Grace of God the steps were successful. A total of eighteen couples have regularized their situation and we bless the Lord for the realization of this project because it is a need for which we have been praying for more than a year. After the realization of this project, several people approached us and expressed the need for support them to also regularize their situation. We are therefore considering renewing the activity and we need your prayers to do it, because it requires a lot of financial, material and human resources to be mobilized.
During the month of May we organized three evangelization through sport sessions. Our strategy has been to mobilize the population around a common interest which is football and enjoy the good news of Jesus Christ through treaty distribution and outdoor communication. So we targeted two communities near our village. By the grace of God we mobilized more than three hundred people for each session. Following these activities we received the testimony of a leader of one of the churches where the activity was held that there were seven people who gave their lives to the Lord and who attend his Church and we are happy to know that it is bearing fruit. We plan to multiply this type of action so that the Gospel can be heard in hard-to-reach areas. Support us in your prayers that the Lord will provide us with sound equipment to animate and mobilize the populations. In reality, for each session the rental of sound equipment costs us 200 dollars.
As for primary school, we have presented our first sixteen candidates for the Primary School Certificate. Eight of them passed this exam. We are already in the prospects for the next school year. Our challenge is to put the students in adequate working conditions to do better next year. We need classrooms, table benches for school supplies and a canteen to help the most disadvantaged to continue their school education. We hope to welcome between three hundred and four hundred students next school year. Take up this challenge with us in your prayers. Thank you for your multifaceted support. Be encouraged by the master of the field JESUS CHRIST and may his grace rest on each of you.
Ily, Happiness, Georgette & Kanfidini Yonli