“…we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple.
By terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us, O God of our salvation; who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth…”
Psalm 65:4b, 5a

We constantly need to thank our God and Savior for the mighty works in our midst! God has never let us down and we do not deserve His many blessings.
Time passes by and we need to say THANK YOU to you for standing with us in prayer and support. It has been 10 months now that God brought us to Burlington, NC. It has been a time of readjusting to the life here and meeting the people we are serving. But God has been with us and has not let us down!
In April we had our first week of Revivals here in NC, and we saw God at work. We encouraged our people to invite there neighbor and coworkers. One of our men mentioned to me, “Pastor I had never shared the Gospel with anyone at work”! It was a begging of what God was going to do.
We had prayer in the homes every evening a month in advance asking God to work in our lives. Our people got excited and kept asking for prayer for more and more individuals, many of them family that need Christ.
We were able to pass out 1500 door hangers letting people know that there is a Hispanic church that still preaches salvation. We saw two ladies come to Christ! We rejoice in seeing them continue on in the Lord but there is still much more to do.
In May it was a joy to pick Melissa up at Bob Jones University and bring her home for the summer. Once again we praise the Lord for His provision for here schooling. We do not know HOW God does it, but we do rejoice in seeing Him provide.
Then we got the news of David and Samuel´s accident and there homegoing with the Lord. That made us get in our car and hurry down to Mexico (a 38 hour drive!) In the midst of it all God was honored and we rejoice in what God will continue to do through it.
I already had a preaching engagement in Mexico for the following week so we stayed and were able to be with Carlos and Jamee Angeles for their mission’s conference. My responsibility was preaching on local missions. Not just looking out, but encouraging the local preachers that missions is also taking God´s word to the people around you. I have learned that Missions starts at home.
God gave us a great, HOT, week. Many were encouraged to continue on in what they are doing and others to go out and do more for the Lord.
Then we had to rush home for Nathaneal to get back to school in time to get caught up for final exams and finish his junior high. He finished with great grades!
We come to the summer and try to fit in working to support the family and at the same time do ministry. We are praying on doing Vacation Bible School at the trailer parks here in town. Please pray for God to lead us in that. That we can get people to let their kids come and that we can get into the homes with the Gospel.
In August Nathanael and I will be going to Veracruz to preach at a couple of churches. Please pray for God´s safety and that we may be used of Him.
Burlington has a high population of Hispanics, but that brings the high majority are catholic people. There standard is, “born catholic, will die catholic”. I have learned during the time we have been here, that first you have to find a friendship with people and through that you have an opportunity of sharing Christ.
Please help us pray for God to provide me with work here in Burlington that may open many opportunities to share Christ with the people. Our desire is to be among the people that we can live a Christian life and that they may see it is not a religious thing, but better yet, what we share is a life relationship with Christ!
Thank you for standing with us and ministering with us to see God fulfill His purpose in our lives. Pray with us…
1. That God will open doors among the people so we can share the Gospel.
2. That God will use His Word as we share it with others.
3. That God will provide work to support the family.
4. That God will give us safety as we travel and that He will use us as we minister.
5. That God will continually give us wisdom and direction in our service to Him.
6. That God will continue to provide for Melissa´s college bills.
Please pray for two churches in this area that in this past week have mentioned to me there need of a pastor. The pastors at the present are resigning and some needs to take on.
THANK YOU again for being a part in what God has for us. Our continual desire is just to be FAITHFULL to our Savior till He comes!

Yours in Christ,
Timothy and Ramona Abbott