Praise the name of the living God. It is another wonderful and good time to praise his holy name,i am giving thanks to him for the gift of life he has given unto me. I believe all is well with everyone over there. I am taking this wonderful opportunity to present my personal prayer request so that you may join me in giving my petition to the almighty Father,it may seems all is not well but in Christ all is well and possible. I have been living in this small iron house for sometimes and the Lord has been so faithful to me all a long.
The main problem i am now facing is that my house has been invaded by termites and all the polls damaged,there is a risk of my hose collapsing,so may prayer is that the Lord opens a way for another house. It might cause any harm any time it it collapse,I did not know about the termite invasion but i believe all will be well in Christ.This is a personal prayer request and i hope that to those who may help in prayers we are going to do so as a family.his is the attachment the house,may the Lord bless you all.