Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:

Greetings, in the precious, unconditional love of our Lord Jesus; Who died, was buried, arose again and coming soon!

What a joy and comfort to know that all is well with my soul and that the Lord Jesus is ever so present. I am amazed at times for His grace, mercy, and love. He is ever present and reassuring every moment of every day. Just got off the phone with one of the IGM National Field Representatives and he was sharing the blessing of God in sparing he and his family through an overload of electricity that blew most of the breakers except the one that would have protected them the most—the main breaker. I thought it was interesting that the greatest damage happened to the television set. Not sure that was as bad as we might think. I laughed when he said he slept with one eye open throughout the night. But, they woke in the morning still breathing and safe and secure.

The hymn, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” becomes a reality when we see His hand upon our daily lives. Last week, June 18th, Nancy had her cataract surgery on her right eye and on June 26th, the left eye. She is doing okay and enjoying seeing long distance again. Presently, she will have to use reading glasses for up-close vision. Then, hopefully, by her follow-up appointment, July 29th, she will be able to get glasses to correct the astigmatism and up-close vision. She wanted to get the surgery done before my departure for India on July 8th – 20th.

Things are well underway for our departure. Please pray for safety to and from. There is nothing like the good old USA! Our schedule is enclosed and we would ask you to remember us each day for His Glory! Four of us will be going, all from our local church, Open Door Baptist. Two of us will be going on after the conference with Dr. Jacob Gaddala to see the Chatlas, P.D. Emmanuel, whose dear wife is in stage 4 cancer, Brother Reddy, hopefully Joseph K. Joseph, Vara Earlagadda, K. Vjay, Pastor Rao, and Mohan Kumar. There are so many more but time only allows us to see a few on this trip.

I am doing fairly well for my age, battling neuropathy, atrial fib, and pre-diabetes. Someone asked who is going to replace me and I could only answer the Lord knows. Nancy and I both love the ministry and especially the privilege of serving our Lord in reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ. There are always transitions in the Mission family along with challenges, and only He can give the wisdom. Losing our International Field Director and FMI Director and the change in accountants has been challenging but God knows exactly who we need to fill in the gaps. He brought in Holly Baltich, Finances Manager, and she has been a wonderful blessing. Her sweet and serving spirit is very precious and I hope you get the privilege of meeting her. It is amazing to see how God puts things together. Holly is the daughter of one of my special friends and her mother grew up with us in Brooktondale, NY in our teens and while at seminary. Doesn’t the world get smaller?

Well, Nancy and I appreciate each one of you who pray for us and help in our personal support. We could not accomplish the tasks before us without you. We also appreciate each one in the IGM family that is so dear to our hearts. You are on the front lines of the spiritual warfare and we are hopeful and prayerful that you will keep moving forward for our precious Lord and Savior. –Hebrews 12:14

Sincerely, in His Unconditional Love,

Gary and Nancy Newhart
Your Missionaries

• For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
• For the volunteer retired gentleman helper for repairs on Mission Central
• Garnet Samuels, Grenada, successful left eye surgery on May 29th. PRAY for complete healing. Flying back home on July 6th.

• Need a gardener for the outside property at Mission Central
• Need a Volunteer Office Helper
• Need more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds needed to run IGM
• Pray for my strength, health and safety on the India trip in July. Also, need finances for my travel account to go to India
• *Booking meetings for each 6-week period. If your church would like to schedule a meeting for Team 3 or Team 4 – please call the IGM office, 585-334-9048.
• Continue to pray for all the Abbott Family which have served in Mexico for over 50 years. Pray especially for the David Abbott’s family in the loss of a preacher, son, husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend and mentor to many and Ginger Abbott Franco’s family in the loss of a son, daughter-in-law, and a grandchild on May 6, 2019 in a tragic car accident. Also, pray for David’s daughter, Perla, and Ginger’s granddaughter which are both recovering from many injuries from the accident.

Tentative IGM Activities
July 8-19-My trip to India
July 13-20-Holly – Grenada Trip
July 23—August 8– Wilson Maungo at IGM
July 23—August 19 – Justus Wafula at IGM

Sept. 8—Oct. 13 – Team #3:
*Godfrey & Launa Watson (Jamaica)
*Kouami Midekor (Togo) & Rock Otekpola (Benin)
Robert & Naomi Lompo (Burkina Faso) (with Jim Arnold-call Jim to book meetings

Sept. 10–IGM Council Meeting

Nov. 3 – Dec. 8th – Team #4–working on this team
Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day

Dec. 10–IGM Annual Council Meeting
Dec. 25–Christmas

We will not be having our Mission Training School in August this year. We will be bringing two or more National Church Planters for six weeks at a time, see dates below:
Team #1 March 3rd through April 7th-Done
Team #3 September 8th through October 13th
Team #4 November 3rd through December 8th