Greetings from Nova Scotia!
It is always good to write to you and share with you about our Heavenly Father, Who is awesome above all things! Psalm 145:1, 2 “[[David’s Psalm of praise.]] I will extol thee, my God, O king; and I will bless thy name for ever and ever. Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever.”

When we talk about Jesus here in Glen Haven or Tantallon, we try to explain what kind of person Jesus is and what He has done in our lives. We want them to see how good, kind and faithful He has been to us. We hope they can get a glimpse of His love for them, too. So many have no hope today. What is there to trust in life’s difficulties and where is hope for those who base their life on science and evolution? June 12 marked 25 years that Elise and I have been here in Nova Scotia! It has been a remarkable, fulfilled life for both of us as we served in five churches and saw people saved and continue in their faith in the Lord. What an honour it has been to serve Him!

Our daughter, Joy and her husband, Jeremiah, purchased tickets for us to come to visit them in California. We were there almost three weeks in May and June. I was able to bring our little dog, Jose, with me on the plane as a therapy animal. I have anxiety flying and he helped to distract me at times 🙁 Once I arrived, we had a wonderful time visiting and it was nice for a break. They had a heat wave for a couple of days and I could not leave the house! One reason why the Lord sent us to Nova Scotia: you don’t have much trouble with heat exhaustion here! We met their neighbour, Janice, who has bone cancer. Please pray for her and her husband to come to know the Lord before she succumbs to it.

Several churches worked together this past week in running a day camp. There was a good response from the neighbourhood with over 40 children attending, depending on the day. It was free and almost all day, so that parents wouldn’t have any obstacle to keep their children from coming. The gospel went out in song, stories, skits and crafts with everyone having a great time! We pray for those who made commitments to continue going to church so they will grow in the Lord. Our 6 year old granddaughter, Eva, continues to sing the songs and show everyone the crafts that she made.

Just a couple of people to pray for as the Lord brings them to your memory: Steve, Nick and Cait. We have shared the gospel with them many times and pray that very soon He will open their eyes to the new life He offers them!

Thank you for your prayers and support all of these years! Your love means so much to us! We pray for you and your families, as well, that God will richly bless you each day as you walk with Him.

Because of Him,

Ben and Elise