Dear brothers and sisters,
We greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Apedokoe people are glad to write again and thank you for your prayers and support. By the Lord’s grace, we are fine. What about you, dear brothers, sisters and friends?
It is good to réalisé that God is doing something wonderful among our congregation. The children are showing interest in the Lord’s ministry: a group out of these children have dedicated their lives to join the door to door evangelistic team; another group chose deliberately to come for church clean up activities.
We praise the Lord, because twenty boys and girls fi’ished the twelve weeks training class provided in conjonction with the distribution of the Samaritan Purse gift boxes. They their certificates two weeks ago.
We resumed our Sunday afternoon club activities, after one month break to help all the children prépare and write their final exams. Tha ambiance was tough last Sunday. We have to shout as loud as they can. They sang their new favorite song that days: “We are for Jesus alone, Jesus alone, glory be to God! We are no more for Satan again”.
We do not forget the adults. Very few are trying to do their best. But there is still a need to consider the church weekly schedules and act accordingly. Many do not attend Sunday school. We also notice that many places are to be filled in during the Wednesday and Friday evening services. Pray for and with us. Thanks.
The youth has spontaneously become very activé. They have now a plan for their monthly meetings. They need our support and assistance, so that they could succeed.
Dear ones, our own children have successfully complètes this school year. Our older, the organist of the church, will be in 13th grade next September; the younger one will be in 10th grade. Happy Joyce our daughter, the children’s Sunday school teacher of the church, is completing her second year of studies at the university. The Lord is blessing them for the time they dedicated for church activities. We thank you for your prayers in their favour.
We are pleased to close this newsletter in sharing the following subjects with you: God’s guidance in handling family issues and church matters as well. Please, do prayerfully consider our plan to open a new point of activities for the children who walk for six or eight miles to attend services. Also, remember our family for her need of adequate support for an effectivement ministry, please.
In Christ,
Kossi and Agathe Anika and family