To all who have been a part of God’s given ministries at Canduman Baptist Church, Mandaue City Philippines both prayers and financial supports you were a big part of every soul that got saved,believers being strengthened.through that almost part of my place even in mountains and remote areas has been reach out and evangelized. Thank you so much for both prayers and finances.

1. Outreaches for some places not yet reach out for the gospel
2. More donors for ministries such as feeding program weekly and extension classes.
3. Spiritual growth of newly converts
4. Divine intervention for all baptist pastors who have been involved the investment scheme.
5. Church lot to be purchase,lot contract to be expire on May 2022
6. Good health of every baptist pastors, because when a pastor died the family was in trouble.
7. Weekly ministries such as extension classes,bible studies,follow up and visitation.
8. Church partnering ministries
9. prospect for baptism in outreach area
10. school ministries, parents will be save

Thank you and God bless!

Edel Cruz