Dear Pastor and Friends,

Graciously, our heavenly Father has brought us to live upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Surrounded by instability in this world, we realize the blessing found in the stability of our Savior, His Word, and His promised gift of heaven. That’s why it is such a privilege to be able to give out the Word of God. He has called us for that purpose.

I have preached for the first time since Sarah went to heaven and by God’s grace, I made it through the day. I was so used to having her with me. I was at heritage Baptist Church at St. Augustine, Florida. The pastor is Garry Martin. They were celebrating the church’s anniversary of 40 years and the pastor’s anniversary of 34 years. I think that must be a modern-day record. 34 years! The church was full! Pastor Martin has done a wonderful work in St. Augustine.

I am available to fill in for you when the need arises. Please feel free to call upon me. Please note that I no longer have a landline phone. My cell phone is 321-505-2281.

Thank you for your support and a number of churches and individuals sent extra money to help with the funeral arrangements. I certainly appreciate all the extra help and for your monthly prayers and financial support. May God continue to bless your ministries.

Prayerfully by His Grace,
Glenn M. Stockton
The Pastor’s Friend