Dear partner in the ministry,

Receive our greetings in the beautiful and precious name of Jesus. My family and I are doing well by the grace of God. We are grateful to the Lord for his blessings in our lives during the past quarter.

During the quarter we shared the Gospel with 602 high school students through the distribution of treatises. We are very happy to see how the Lord has opened the doors for us to have access to these schools and we are also encouraged to see how interested the students are in what we do. Thank you for your prayers for us.

During the quarter we benefited from a gift box with a Christmas child operation (OCC) and this enabled us to mobilize 200 children to present the Gospel and start discipleship classes with 80 children. And among these children some of them have been joining us for some time for worship.

As for our library, we continue to receive students who borrow books for reading and bring us back after reading. We have many challenges to face and for that we ask you to continue to pray for us.

We need a projector and a generator to show films in schools and have more time to talk more with students. This will help us a lot in advancing the department. We also want more books to enrage our library and a more appropriate place that will also serve as a reading environment. Pray for us that the Lord will provide for all these needs and for the needs of the family.

Thank you for the support that the Lord renews your strength and blesses each of you in your respective ministries. Amen!

Kanfidini, Georgette, Happiness and Ily YONLI