Hello. We are doing well in Christ and this is because of your prayers. BLESSINGS I have seen people’s life changing in the seminars we have had in some churches, people coming to Christ for commitment and salvation. CHALLENGES Having chorus in some churches Transporting our team to the other churches Staying out to some churches PRAYER REQUESTS A Sunday school class with pastor’s house – $8000 USD. A motorbike for the ministry – $1500 USD. A laptop and smartphone – $500 USD Repairing the sound system – $800 USD. A baptismal hall – $500 USD. Plastering the mother church and renovation – $80,00 USD Am still with I.G.M and am really blessed to be in it. Am involving a team to join me in the August seminars and teach in the youth and in the Pastors’ seminars. These will be held in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Matanomane. Yours, Rev.Pite