Dear Brethren,

We really appreciate your prayers and support for the mission trip to Lodwar/ Kakuma. The Lord granted us the traveling mercies needed and enable us (Pastor Ronald and I) to arrive in Lodwar Friday evening.

Upon arrival on Friday at 4:00, I had a meeting with the 5 Pastor that we partner with in Lodwar. It was a tremendous blessing encouraging this folks to serve the Lord amid myriad of challenges and we had dinner together with them.

Saturday – we had a blessed time having a Bible conference as from 9:00 am to 2:00pm at Nakwamekwi Baptist Church. Praise the Lord that my companion – Pastor Ronald and myself taught two sessions each. Our conference focused on leadership integrity as we just had leaders. After the meeting, we shared the meals together with these folks. Thanks a lot for your prayers and support towards this. At 3:00pm, we started of our journey to Kakuma the next town…hitting the road for 3 hours. Praise the Lord, we made it there safely.

Sunday: We attended the church service at Kanyaipen Baptist Church in the country side. We had a blessed Sunday, I preached on the significant of Christ’s Triumphal Entry. Praise the Lord that as Pastor Ronald taught in the morning some folks committed their life to the Lord. After the service we presented to the church members the relief food we had purchased, because the area is stricken with hunger. Pastor Peter and the members were so greatful for this provision. Attached please find some pictures as these folks received the maize. May the Lord bless all who gave towards this.

Monday: We had a safety journey back to Lodwar. Upon arrival I met with Pastor Samuel of Nakwamnyeni Baptist, who was ready to have his motorcycle. Praise the Lord that we were able to buy the motorcycle, which Pastor Samuel received with joy, excitement, and was a little emotional. Thanks for your tremendous giving to provide this reliable transportation- it is now easy for him to reach the unreached for Christ, visit the members for edification, and reach the church quickly- may the Lord bless you. Attached please find some picks as he received the motorcycle.

Tuesday: We started our day well by His grace. We purchased maize to distribute to folks in different churches we partner with in the region. We moved in three churches (Nauyatira Baptist, Nakwamekwi Baptist, and Finally Nadabal Baptist) distributing maize to the church folks. For the other churches ( Kalimrock Baptist, Nakwanyeni Baptist, and Namirisheni Baptist) we send maize with their Pastor’s to distribute. Thanks so much for all the giving to enable this folks access food during our visit – it was really a tremendous blessing as we saw the joy of the Lord among the Saints. May the Lord bless all that gave towards this mission trip.

Thank you and again pray for my mission trip to the Coast of Kenya from the 19th April to 22nd April. We have been invited by Pastor Franklin of Voice of Hope Baptist. Pray for us as we attend the Fellowship Board Meeting, as we Conduct Pastor Franklin’s Ordination interview, and finally attend his ordination service. May the Lord who is bless you all.

Anthony and Sheilah Juma.