Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ

Dear Brethren,

Praise be to our Father who is in heaven and blesses us in the heavenly realms with spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. I feel humbled to write to you to say thanks very much for the support you have given to help out with the ministry on the Island of Grenada. Your Support both prayerfully and financially is helping us to make sure the Word of God reaches all those that He wants us to reach. Keep on praying for our ministry here in Grenada. Please pray that the will of God be manifested in us while we preach the Gospel in all the corners of this Island. We thank you and praise God for you.

Ministry Update

In the month of November 2018 our church attendance went down to about 30 in our Sunday morning services. In December our Sunday morning services had up to 57 in attendance. We were blessed with 63 people in our Christmas morning service. We were very happy that some of them recommitted their lives to God in that Christmas morning service. We were also extremely happy that two persons received Christ as their Lord and Savior in the month of December2018. The average attendance throughout January has been about 43 people. I preached at an Open-Air Meeting in January 2019 and 5 young people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. Throughout the month of February 2019, we have been involved in door to door visitation in the Calliste community where the church is located. Seven people began to attend our Sunday morning services since we started this door to door visitation. We are planning to have a crusade

Update on my eyes

A very big thank you for your prayers and financial contributions to help correct the problems I am experiencing with my eyes. You have shown me that you care in a very special way and I will always be grateful for your thoughtfulness. I have gotten a laser surgery done on my left eye in December 2018 but it did not get rid of all the existing problems in that eye. In January 2019 I went back to the doctors in Rochester, New York and they told me that another surgery must be done to take care of the problems that were not corrected by the laser surgery. We are praying about getting the surgery done within the next three months. The doctor says it is a very risky operation and he is not in a hurry to do so because I could end up with immediate blindness. He also said that without the surgery I will continue to lose my sight. I am asking you to please pray that the Lord will have His way in this situation. My right eye is doing okay, praise the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Pray that many souls will be saved at our crusade in the Calliste Berean Bible in April.
Pray that our son Shanan will get to visit Jamaica in the months of April- May to get surgery done on his ears.
Pray that my son Shanan will find employment here in Grenada.
Pray that I will get enough finance to take care of the problems with my left eye.
Pray that I will receive enough funds to meet my daily obligations.

Thanks for being a part of this ministry.
May God continue to bless all of you.

Yours in the service of Jesus Christ,
Garnet Samuels (Pastor)