Dear prayer partners.

Shallom.its my hope and prayer that all is well with you. Me here in Kenya we are doing well thanking God for all his love and blessing to us. On Friday 22nd of February 2019, I took our son Jahdiel to the mental clinic for his 6th modicate Injection , he is doing well and we have seen the progress in his health since the treatment started, as of now His IQ is restored And more so he is progressing well in His GRADE 8 Class work, when they started this year 2019, he managed to get 278/500, 310/500 and on his last midterm exam he got 354/500, this has proved that there is a positive response to the medication. We give all the glory and honour to God, he was given up to 12th of April to go for the pyschastrist review and Reffing of his daily medication( has to take pills) daily hopping that as the days goes he will fully be stable. May God bless you as you keep praying for us.Yours in Christ

Pastor Franklin & Claris
Voice of Hope Baptist church
Kikambala, Kenya