Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Bonne Heureuse Annee. I thank the Lord for the past 4 months as He was clearly present in all aspects of the ministry.

This year in the 15 elementary schools and 4 middle schools, we have a total of 3700 students. Each child has the opportunity to hear bible stories in their mother tongue and receive a biblical worldview education from one of our 110 teachers. Myself and my ministry partners have visited every school at least twice now and are preparing to start traveling again.

While visiting schools, I spend my time encouraging teachers with God’s word. A few months ago, I talked to a new teacher who told me that she didn’t really like teaching and only took the job for the money. Once I explained to her the role of a Christian teacher and the impact that she could have on the future generation, her whole disposition changed. She now enjoys teaching and shows love to all her students. Even the other teachers have remarked a drastic change in her life.

In November, we traveled 8 hours up north to visit the hospital in Mango, Togo. There is a recently established church there who has the desire to open a school. After two days of conversation with the church Bel Amour and with missionaries in the area, we are praying about trying to open a school there by 2020. It is in a predominantly Muslim area and we pray that as students start to hear God’s truth in a Christian School, their hearts will be turned toward Christ.

In the plateau region where I live, I have been working a village church who had to close there school several years ago. We are now talking with the new pastor and former school director so we can open the doors again soon. In fact, the chief of the village told the church that they need to open the school again because he has seen a negative impact on the village now that the children are not receiving a Christian Education. Pray for us as we travel an hour one way on a rocky and dirt road to reopen a Christian School in Bodze.

I find that the teachers in our school continue to need encouragement spiritually, physically, and academically. Pray for wisdom as we know how to point them towards Christ. In March, we will be writing curriculum for our 7th grade middle school students. This is new territory for us and we pray for the wisdom of all of our teachers as we seek to establish a program that is Christ centered.

We have had several teachers with serious illnesses. One had a brain clot, another deals with chronic headaches, and other had major surgery. Through these trials, the teachers remain optimistic and find their strength in the Lord.
We thank the Lord continuously for the way He provides for my family’s daily needs and for the ministry. The Christian School Ministry is way above our capabilities, which mean all the Glory goes to the Lord who sustains us and reminds us that we need Him daily.

Roger and Amenyo Fetou