Dear Friends,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior. We are thanking you for all that you have done for us through the ministry in Togo and beyond. We are very appreciative of all your kindness and generosity.


Many things were done last year, through the enablement of God. We were able to accomplish many projects.

  1. Many people were baptized last year, both in the north and the south. A total of 39 were baptized by immersion. Many others are on the list to be baptized after going through the baptismal classes which lasts for 6 months at least.
  2. Three new churches were planted in Woaman, Kountoun and Pignaga, and Takpampièni. Please, pray for these new works, that the Lord would continue to bless them spiritually. Pray that many new souls be added to the body of Christ, in all the churches.
  3. Among many activities, open-air meetings, morning prayers and other evangelistic means were used to win the lost souls to Christ.
  4. The church at Binadjoub has a new building which was erected 2 weeks ago and has no roof yet.
  5. Bricks are ready to start building the building of the assembly in Barkoissi (north).


The family is doing well by the grace of God. All the children are in the US finishing their education.

Afi is in Togo while Kouami is in the US with health issues. Kouami has problems with pinched nerves in the neck and two different areas in his back. This has caused drop foot in his right leg and has also affected his right arm. Please, be praying for him as he gets treatment. He is currently in Rochester, NY.


  1. Praise God for the many souls that were saved during the past year.
  2. Praise God for the works in Benin, with Rock Otekpola and his wife, Annette.
  3. Praise the Lord for the new buildings that were erected in the various places.


  1. Please, pray for Kouami’s dropfoot and nerve problem.
  2. Funds to roof the building in BINADJOUB ($1,500)
  3. Funds to build in Barkoissi and Kountoun
  4. Funds to purchase land for the gathering in Kante (2 plots for $800 each)

West Africa Report

It has been a while since we have shared with you about the ministry in Togo in particular and in some of the French-speaking countries as a whole.

The ministry continues to progress with the help of God and through His enabling. Some new places were surveyed for new church plants. Since we are in charge of the French-speaking countries in West Africa, let us give you a brief update on each country. IGM is represented in 5 French-speaking countries in West Africa: Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso. We are praying that the Lord would help us open the field of Niger, as well. Here we go:


  1. The church in Kpimbonga has a place of worship with many members worshiping the Lord peacefully.
  2. The work in Panga is a struggling one and needs your prayers.
  3. There are three new works in Takpanpieni and Pignièka. These 2 places are in the Mango area.
  4. Other village works need your prayers as well: Tontodi, Djédjabou, and Kpimbonga. Many needs are associated with these villages that are in Islamic areas in North Togo.
  5. The works in the south are growing by the grace of the Lord.
    * 23 people were baptized in July.
    * 30 new believers were baptized in Bassar and Binadjoub.
    * We had a Bible seminar through the book of Revelation for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month of September. Very good teaching by Pastor Carl Henry from Indiana.
    * While the teaching of the book of Revelation was going on, at the same time in the afternoons, Pastors Ken Todd and Mike Cosgrove taught on Church Administration and How Jesus Built His Church. There were a total of 75 pastors and church leaders from Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, and Burkina Faso and Niger. Mali was not represented at this time.
    * The women’s National conference was also held at the end of August at the church in Hedzranawoe. There were at least 400 women in attendance.

This is just a brief summary of the ministry in Togo.


The two works in Benin, Senade and Akpakpa, need your prayers. The upfront need at this time is the ever present one, which is a place to call their own. These are urgent needs of at least $20,000. Please pray with us regarding the needs in Benin. Brother Rock Otekpola Jr. just got married. He needs monthly support of at least $750.


Please, pray for our brothers in the country of Burkina Faso, who are under terrorists’ and jihadists’ influence during these days.

* land for brother Timothée Dayamba’s work in Ouagadougou $10,000
* a motorcycle for the new member of the team, Yonli Kanfidini, $1,000


Here are some of the needs in the country of Côte d’Ivoire:
* The 2 pastors, Emmanuel N’dri Koffi and Amani Yao, both have need of personal, monthly support of $1,000 each.
* Pastor Amani Yao needs a motorcycle, cost is $1,000
* A new work was started in the town of Soubré. It needs $1,200 for a shelter.


We are raising $1,000 to help us travel to the countries of Mali and Niger. This just to help us with fuel to travel to these countries. Mali is 2 days of driving away just to get to the capital, Bamako. Niger is a day and a half of driving from Togo. The fields of Niger and Mali are 95% Muslim. We need to open these fields for the glory of God. Please, any designated funds, should go through our mission agency:

990 Calkins RD
Rochester, NY 14623

Thanks for reading and supporting. May God bless you immensely.

Kouami Midekor
B.P. 1376