Newsletter of the 4th term

Dear partners in the ministry, we send you our greetings! May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be in your hearts! It is a great joy for us to share our news. By the grace of God, my family and I are fine and grateful to the Lord for His support and guidance in the ministry during this term.

On the first of October, we started the new school year with 201 students divided into six grades, from grade 1 to 6. Apart from the lack of classrooms and seats, we did not experience any major difficulty. Our school operated well during the term and we praise the Lord for that!

One of our goals is to announce the Gospel to the students of the nearby secondary schools. It is one of the requests we asked you to pray for. Thank you for praying for us. God gave us access to four schools. We distributed tracts and preached the Gospel to some students. In all, eight hundred and eleven (811) people of these schools heard the Good News of Jesus Christ during this fourth term of 2018.

During the term, our small library that is in our house welcomed 34 people who borrowed books and brought them back. All has been possible thanks to your support in prayer. We pray that the Lord we serve bless you abundantly. There are still a lot to do. Please, continue praying for us. We are planning to go back to the schools, where we shared tracts and had some film screenings, and have a communication time with students and invite them to give their lives to Jesus Christ. In the next few days, we hope to start the introduction classes with people who will give their lives to Jesus Christ. There are also other schools that we have not visited yet. However, Islamic schools have refused us the access. Please, pray that we will have the access. Pray continually for the advance of our ministry and for the challenges we face. We need a projector and a generator for film screenings. Our financial status limits our actions, as we have currently no financial support. We just work with what the Lord provides us with.

To close, we want to send our New Year greetings to the entire management team and family of IGM. We wish you a good health, peace, longevity and prosperity in your different ministries in the name of Jesus Christ! Happy New Year 2019! God Bless you!

Kanfidini, Georgette & Happiness YONLI