I would like to say thank you to the Lord Jesus for the protection he has given me, bread has not failed in our home, even when he arrived in difficult moments (disease, spiritual attack or anything else, 1cor 10: 13) Jehovah was with us and always renewed his love and sovereignty to us (1 Cor 1: 9). Thank you to everyone who supported us in prayer. The church was entirely spared the legal proceedings that caused us so much pain for years. The gains (temple and nursery) are preserved by the grace of God. Glory be restored to him!
The first point of my report will concern the local church of the Bouake zone on which God has established me.
The year 2018 began with an important event. Indeed God allowed these two pastors EMMANUEL and MATTHIAS to be ordained. This ordination, repeatedly postponed, was a great success. There was a strong participation of several delegations from Togo, Benin, Usa and delegations from the interior of the country (Vavoua, N’djébonoua) and the economic capital (Abidjan). It was a great moment of sharing and encouragement that will remain engraved in different hearts. The dynamics of ordination have given rise to a spiritual awakening in the church. Forty converts joined the church, most of whom were baptized and live their faith in Christ effectively.
The women had several activities, the main ones being the three big spiritual retreat camps. These camps are held for the first three quarters of the current year. I will add the retreats of girls and boys who have also been successful. Several film screenings in the city’s neighborhoods have gorged this year 2018.Hundreds of people have been affected.

           In terms of finance, despite the modest means available to the church, she was able to take care of the pastor and his family and even support the pastor Jeanot de Soubré and help at times Pastor Matthias Vavoua.
            In terms of travel, God allowed me to spend fifteen (15) days in South Korea. It was long and tiring (more than 36,000 km) but rewarding. Three false notes are worth mentioning: Some people who have left the church for reasons that we do not know about those people we have loved and continue to love. Then several active and useful brothers and sisters who left for the economic capital where there are more jobs or assigned or transferred. And finally my 6th attempt visa application for the USA which has once again ended in failure. I would not think about it anymore if a possible monthly support was not conditioned to a trip on the USA. Thank you to the Lord who does everything just right. To God alone glory!
            The second point concerns the missionary field of Soubré. Location located about 380 km from Bouaké. The field was opened in February 2017 and led by Rev. M'brah Jeanot who ministered with his wife and four daughters in difficult conditions. It currently has about thirty members. The pastor is doing a great job sadly undermined by the lack of a proper place of worship. The cult is held on the small terrace of two (2) meters wide and five (5) meters long of the three-room house he rents. A plot of 800 m2 has been promised on the condition of valuing it in a short time. The sum of 600,000 CFA francs to build a courtyard has not been met. We are afraid of not being able to reach our goal and to see the pastor and his family return to Bouaké. Please God that it does not happen. With God we will make feats (Ps 60: 12-14). We do our best to support the pastoral couple with the modest sum of 50 000fr when our means to Bouaké can, may God continue.

The third point concerns the missionary field of Vavoua. This field is under the direction of Pastor Yao Amani. I stayed there from December 4 to 10. The first church I visited is located 7 km from the city of Vavoua. The people I met are very enthusiastic with a firm will to advance the work of the Lord. The workforce is around 100 adults including several baptized and about sixty children. In Vavoua city, the church has a plot of 3600 m2. A meadow had been built unfortunately carried by a violent storm. The ground is located on a height thus in the grip of violent winds. The pastor is currently worshiping in the living room of his house waiting to build something solid. The pastor’s concern is to maintain the kernel.
We bless the name of the Lord for the gift of a new motorcycle to Pastor Yao Amani, this machine will allow him to move more easily and more efficiently. Thank you to the generous donors.
The fourth point concerns requests from pastors: Pacôme, M’brah Jeanot, N’guessan Giles and Konan Serge to join IGM. Their desire to be part of the big family of IGM is frank and sincere. They will be very useful for the advancement of the work and will help to raise awareness of IGM in Côte d’Ivoire. I pray they are all admitted.
Finally, my thanks to the pastors: James Arnold, Kouami Midekor, Curtis Fitts, the director Gary Newhart and the friends of Togo and the big family IGM.
I wish a happy end of year and blessed to all. A lot of courage to the management team.

Brother N’dri Koffi Emmanuel from Ivory Coast.