History of Involvement with the IGM

Rev. George W. Karblee is the oldest pastor in our fellowship. In 1981, Rev. Karblee, Rev. Charles G. Sayeweh and Rev. James Lader (two of whom are now with the Lord) went to attend the GARBC Conference/ICC Conference in the USA. While attending the conference, the three men decided to meet with the leadership of the IGM, which was then headed by Dr. Bovard. During the meeting, they asked the IGM to work with the Faith Independent Baptist Association (FIBA) churches in Liberia. The IGM accepted the request, and Dr. Board invited the pastors to attend the mission training school in New Castle, PA. Following the training, they were awarded certificates of achievements. Upon their return to Liberia, Dr. Bovard sent his son, John Bovard, to Liberia to work with the FIBA churches as missionary. Rev. Bovard came to Liberia and worked with the churches up to the outbreak of the Liberia civil war in 1990, and returned to the US. Of the three pastors that attended the conference in 1981, Rev. Karblee is only one still living. He is presently the Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia.

Faith Baptist Church Ministries

The Faith Baptist church is one of the oldest churches established by the Mid-Liberia Baptist Missions in Buchanan, and Rev. Karblee has served as pastor for the last 16 years. The church has established four churches in and around Buchanan, and has a Christian day school on the church compound. It is also establishing fellowships in other parts of Grand Bassa County.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following needs:

  1. Funds to help the new churches build worship edifices
  2. Bibles, Gospel tracts, and Sunday school materials, motor bikes for evangelists in the rural areas, funds to help evangelists go on the field, and monthly stipend for food and medication. Most pastors in Liberia do not have pension scheme or insurance. And as the result, people like Rev. Karblee, whose churches are not even paying them much, have nothing to live on when they leave the ministry. This is one reason why at 89, he is still pastoring.