Jean-Marie & Estelle Lucien








Beracah Baptist Church of Sibert

Pastor Jean Marie Lucien and his wife, Estelle, have been with IGM since 1996. They have two daughters: Lucette and Doana. Pastor Lucien is the pastor of the Beracah Baptist Church and co-founder and president of the OAEBH (Organization of Authentic Evangelical Baptists of Haiti). Pastor Lucien is a leader among his fellow Haitian pastors. He has written several series of Sunday school lessons, which the churches of that mission use in the instruction of their own people. He also serves as the Academic Dean to the SOS Bible Institute in Port-Au-Prince.

Pastor Lucien is instrumental in the organization and leading of the Annual Youth Camp. This camp is designed especially to enable spiritual growth and to help the Haitian young people develop the leadership skills necessary to take over various leadership roles in the local churches. Besides his many duties as pastor, Pastor Lucien also teaches daily at a high school. He teaches both French and Literature. Since he holds a teaching degree, besides  his theological training, teaching serves as a viable “tent-making” position for him. This helps him to “make ends meet” both at home and in his church, in the midst of the poor Haitian economy.