Delisme Jean & Jocelyne Joel Ebenezer Independent Church & Ebenezer Mission Pastor Delisme Jean Joel and his wife, Jocelyne, have been with IGM since 1997.  In 1985, Pastor Joel planted, and has since pastored, Ebenezer Independent Church in Mariani, a suburb of Port-Au-Prince. Current baptized membership of Ebenezer was approaching 80 before the earthquake.They also have a Christian school for grades 1-7.  At the start, they met in rented buildings, but now own their property. Although the lower floor of this building survived the earthquake, the upper floor, used for the school, was destroyed. Engineering inspections will be needed to determine the soundness of the remaining 1st floor. In 1990, Ebenezer Mission was founded when five other churches located in the southern peninsula of Haiti, previously under the supervision of Joel’s aging father, also came under Pastor Joel’s charge.  The newly formed mission was finally recognized by the Haitian government in October of 2000. Pastor Joel is well on his way to realizing his vision of leaving a strong and independently run mother church to whichever pastor may succeed him.  He is an active discipler of church leaders in every facet of ministry, including preaching, music, finances, and general servanthood.  Pastor Joel helps teach in his school, works as a tent-making refrigerator/AC technician, and serves as the director of several choral groups in the Port-Au-Prince area.  He is a self-motivated and innovative man who does all he can to help both the people and pastors in the six churches under his supervision.  He is doing a great job as both a family man and church leader, establishing and practicing New Testament principles that one rarely finds being put into practice in the local churches in Haiti. Delisme Jean & Jocelyne Joel       Newsletters