Cantave Jackelin


Eglise Baptiste Union Fraternelle, Fond-Branche, & Grand Kay

I find pleasure in communicating with you about all of my works, activities, and plans. First of all, let me greet you in the name of Jesus, our Lord, and tell you about myself. I don’t have an outside job other than as pastor. My wife passed away in January, 2010, after the earthquake. I have six children to care for, feed, and send to school. Some months, I can’t pay for their schooling. I teach them the Bible every day, pray with them, and instruct them also about the way of Jesus Christ.

However, that doesn’t prevent me from going to the churches in Grand Kay and in Fond-Brache. I am still spiritually feeding many faithful in Bible study and preparing them to preach the Gospel of Christ, our Lord and Savior.