Reported by IGM Missionary Field Coordinator for Grenada – Kerry & Terri Psinas (Beulah is unable to write letters herself).

Beulah wants to extend her heartfelt thanks to all the dear saints who have contributed to her survival and well-being since the disappearance of her husband, Stanley, in May, 2007. She is grateful for all the prayers lifted up for Stanley and herself since his disappearance.

Beulah lives alone in a remote area. She has had to make many adjustments without Stanley. She has a very large garden that she planted with seeds brought to her from a team member from the US. Beulah’s mother sells the produce in the market, which helps Beulah live day by day. Tending the garden is also good therapy for Beulah. She is also thankful for her new indoor bathroom and shower, which God’s people from the United States provided funds to build for her. IGM National Church Planter Kennedy Calliste did the construction work for Beulah.

Your continued prayers and financial support for Beulah helps her to serve her Savior. Thank you so much for your care and support of this dear lady.