March 2024



“O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.” Isaiah 25:1

The harmathan season which brought white sands from the Sahara desert is now ending. We are now in the hot season. This year it comes early and it is very hot. In the morning, the temperature is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. And in the afternoon, it is around 101. It is very hard to endure it and difficult to get sleep. But we thank the Lord for leaving us here for His ministry.

I am very blessed with three different anniversaries this year. I was a very strong, religious Roman Catholic worshipper, unsaved, and worshipping idols when the Lord saved me 50 years ago. I was saved through the ministry of the first ABWE missionary, the late Dallas Washer, when he and his wife arrived in Togo in 1974. Praise the Lord that I was among the first few saved from that time. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS SO GOOD TO ME. THEREFORE, ABWE, TOO, IS CELEBRATING HER 50 YEARS OF MINISTRY IN TOGO THIS YEAR. I and Nicole will be at this anniversary on the 23rd of this month.

The Lord has helped me, and I am in my 40th year of full-time service to the Lord. It has been a long story, but may His Name be always praised for taking me, holding me, strengthening me, and blessing me in many ways until this day. Many of the works He did through my service to Him, such as Awana International Missionary to Cote d’Ivoire, church planting, training of the leaders, and teaching at the Bible Institute still stand and continue up today and bear fruit.

A short testimony: I met one day a Togolese pastor, and he told me that he was saved through my ministry in their village. I was so surprised because I never thought that about him. We went to this village for three nights’ evangelical campaigns, sleeping in the open air and on the ground. We did evangelical film projections during those three nights and during the day we used to go to the village for door-to-door evangelism. I preached each night after the projections. It was during one of those nights that he accepted the Lord. I said to myself, “We will be having surprises in HEAVEN.”

The church, Temple Shalom, which we are leading in Kara, celebrated her 20th anniversary last month. I left one of the churches in Kara because the Lord raised from the church a young man to take over. That church, too, is growing. And I moved to this area whereby we were to start another church which is this one.

Some of you have been together in this ministry with me for a long time.

Please, continue praying for the concrete building for Ateda, and Attaworo churches. The Lord provided for their church lands last time we were in the States in 2019.

Also, continue praying for the Lord’s provision for the school, for Temple Shalom, and for the other needs regarding the ministry and for some of our personal needs.

We are planning to visit a few churches in the States beginning this month of March, looking for the Lord to provide for these construction projects and others.


In the Service of the King of Kings,

Pastor Paul & Nicole ASSIGNON