Greetings in Jesus’ Name. I hope this letter finds you well over there.

Time and again, we thank the Almighty for the unending love He has granted to us.

However, our lives still remain a little vulnerable due to some despair that won’t give us peace as we long to find comfort for our families, the church, school, and community at large.

Also, I would be egotistical and arrogant if I don’t extend my heartfelt appreciation to you and the whole family of IGM for the love, support, and continued prayers towards us, thank you.

It is on this note that I write to you this letter to extend my requests regarding irresistible conditions that we are going through at this end so that with your prayers and support, we may live to glorify God for overcoming certain problems that surround us.

The grace of God led us to start a school, and until this day, the school continues to face some difficulties that certainly predispose our pupils to several hazards that can harm their lives. Particularly, we hardly have enough classrooms for our pupils, forcing them to study in inconveniencing rooms under trees and this is usually a threat during events of bad weather such as heavy rainfall or heavy winds. The pupils have to run for their lives for refuge. For this reason, we continue to lose some pupils to other schools and the ones we have are at risk of certain sicknesses and poor performance. We therefore request that you support us in this need. We would like to construct classrooms and we require a total sum of USD $2500 for this structure to tentatively help our school.

Recently, we started a new church by God’s grace called Baibuli Baptist Church of Kisote at a place called Kisote. As it is always difficult to run a new church, very many needs are present. The congregation still sits under a tree from where they pray every time they meet. Therefore, pray for this church, that it may grow and that we may establish a strong work of God in this land. We also request that you pray for us as we would love the new church to at least have a tent that they can use temporarily as we prepare for a permanent structure in the near future.

A women’s seminar is scheduled for August 16 and 17. Mama Joyce is expected to be the teacher. Kindly pray for us. We expect to spend about 1500 dollars on food, transportation, and mattresses. May God open a way to get these funds.

Now about the school fees of the various children that I am in charge of, the second term has started, and every school demands the remaining fees. Therefore, we ask that the Lord as always, continues to provide this early enough to allow these children to study without disturbances from the school administration in their quest for fees.

And now about my beloved wife, it is relieving to hear that her condition has steadily improved, however, she still continues to receive treatment and thus calling for more money for the hospital services. Of late, we require USD $500 to see her doctor again, for what we hope can be the last and final visit.

Brethren, I can never be thankful enough for the support you have given unto me, my family, the church and everyone in this continent, for I pray that the Almighty blesses you abundantly. We do love you all and will always love you.