Dear Praying Partners,


Well, it looks like summer has officially arrived in here in Georgia. Yesterday our highs reached 87 degrees with the cooler air swept out. Feeling more like Africa, which I do love. This month is a busy one for us with two grandsons graduating, two birthdays, Mother’s Day and an anniversary🥰🥰. Exciting times.

Ministry wise, where do we begin?? God is so good, and we are seeing our new Church plants growing in numbers with new converts and children ministries expanding. In Guitry, our portable chapel is in its final completion.  The metal poles are up, the metal roofing on and they are finishing up the cement flooring. The foundation has also been poured for future walls. The building will be used as is until we will are able to raise the additional $10,000 to complete the walls, windows and doors. Enclosed in this prayer letter are pictures of the portable building. Please be in prayer about helping us finish this church building.

In addition, our other church plant is in need of $2000 to purchase land so we can build a portable chapel on it. The classrooms we were using from a public school were taken away from us at the request of the Muslims, as they were complaining about the church being able to exist. Thus, we are asked to leave and forced to purchase land and put up a portable chapel so we have a meeting place. Finding land in this area is difficult as the Moslems are buying it all up. However, we have found an individual willing to sell us half an acre at $2000 for our church. We need your help in acquiring these funds quickly before he changes his mind. Please keep this urgent need in your prayers. This new church plant is currently running over 40 children through their children ministries and over 30 adults. God is so good, and He makes a way when there seems to be none.

Pastor Amani recently wrote that our church in Valvoua is doing very well. He made mention that they just recently baptized 7 new members and that the church is seeing consistent growth. He mentioned that his motorcycle has seen its last days and that he is in need of a newer one to keep up with all of his visits. He mentioned that it is constantly in for repairs and makes it difficult to move around as needed. To replace this motorcycle we are in need of $2500.00. Another item to pray about.

In closing, continue to keep Denise in your prayers over her health concerns. We are thankful that she is managing, but she has a long ways to go😉 Continue to pray that God will bring complete healing. Our doctors tell us that this is her new normal, but we are trusting Him for a complete healing!!!

Lastly, last night on our return home from Toccoa, GA from watching Aiden’s soccer game our traveling vehicle broke down on the road leaving us stranded. We had to have the car towed into a garage and it is costing us $750 for repairs. Please pray for the funds to help us make these necessary repairs, Uggh!!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!!


With Much Love,

Jim for the Arnolds




Prayer Needs:


$750 for vehicle repairs

$2000 for needed land for new church plant

$2500 for a motorcycle for Pastor Amani