Dear Ministry Partners and Prayer Warriors,

Greetings to you in the Most High Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord is indeed great! We thank God for His providential pleasure and will to call us to labor together with His divine grace for the salvation of people.

We stand in amazement when we think about God’s gracious empowerment and enablement for our labor in the faith. God miraculously saved a teenage girl in the community in style. The girl comes to our church and would occasionally steal money from my wife’s purse. On this particular Sunday, she stole all the money that my wife had. This caused my wife to be utterly frustrated and disappointed. The girl cleverly hid the money where nobody would find it. A thorough search was conducted but yielded no results. We prayed and I ferried all the children to their homes. After we dropped off the last person and returned to our home, we found the girl crying profusely at our gate and confessing her sin. She narrated her story and revealed how she has been stealing. She comes from an extremely poor, broken family and theft is the art that feeds them. She repented and we prayed together with her. She steals no more and we try to assist the family with food supplies alongside of sharing the Gospel of Christ with them. God has enabled the girl to radically change. We also praise and thank God for our son who passed his high school final examination to qualify for university.


  1. Our son, Isaac, passed the examinations.
  2. Salvation of the teenage girl and her radical transformation.
  3. Successful missionary tour of the IGM Executive Director and a Council member, along with his wife, in our region (East Africa).
  4. Rains have come after two years of severe drought.
  5. Minister partners and prayer warriors.



  1. School fees for our son’s university education – $1500 per year for 4 years
  2. Our support is now at 25%.
  3. A new transmission for the church van – USD $3,000
  4. Enough rainfall to enable farming activities
  5. Spiritual and numerical growth in our church
  6. Peace in Kenya


Our pastors’ training program is running well.

A study Bible for a pastor costs USD $25.

We are excited for our joint labor in ministry.


Yours Faithfully in Christ,

Pastor Allan Maina