Psalm 73:28  “But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.”

There has been a drought that has really affected our country. As a result, there is a food and water shortage. Baboons have invaded people’s homes looking for food. We had them inside our house twice. A monkey came to the window but did not come in. That was scary. We praise the Lord that it has started to rain. Thanks for all your prayers.

A village about 3 miles from us is one of the places that has a great need for food. The Lord provided some funds, and we were able to start a feeding program on February 7th. There are 13 families who are receiving food once a month. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide more funds to assist these families and more. It costs $300 a month for the 13 families. Any amount is of great value.

The ministries in the 110 churches are going on well despite some of the challenges. People are getting saved, and others are growing in their faith. Paul dedicated a new church a few weeks ago. Leah and over 70 pastors’ wives had a retreat on March 10th and 11th. It was very successful. It was of great encouragement.  The topics were self-awareness and balancing family and ministry. We thank the Lord for His provision. Thank you, too, for praying.

Students: Florence has been out of school since November of last year for lack of school fees. We praise the Lord for those who provided so that she could go back to school this month. Please pray that she will catch up. We continue to raise funds for the students as education will give hope for the future.

Teams: Please continue to pray for the teams that are planning to come and serve with us. Those confirmed are coming in June and July.

Soon there will be licensing and ordination of some pastors. Please pray for them. They are needed in the churches.

Family: The Lord has been good and faithful to us. Our children are doing well with God’s help.  Our granddaughter, Aziza, will turn 3 years on April 1st. Miriam, Paul Jr., and Karrie are going to Atlanta to celebrate with Aziza and her parents, Ruth and Stephen. Please pray for them as they travel.

On March 18th, we had the joy of meeting the new Director of IGM Mission, Dr. Lex Reed, and seeing our dear friends, Pastor Russ and Joyce Alexander, when they visited us during their trip visiting the missionaries/church planters. We were encouraged by their visit.

We wish to thank all our faithful partners in ministry for your generous giving and prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you.


Serving Together,

Paul & Leah