Dear Prayer and Ministry Partners,

The good and gracious Lord has blessed and favored us to see the end of another year. I want to thank the churches and individuals or group who prayed, gave financially and or materially to me and the ministry God has called me to labor in. Without allowing God to use you, I couldn’t have come this far. May we continue to work together in the coming year of 2023 as we patiently wait for the return of the King of kings, Jesus Christ. Maranatha! The successes that we together achieved cannot be understated or overstated. God was always working even in difficult times. In November, for instance, inflation in Ghana shot to 50.3% but God has been keeping us alive, hallelujah!

Adom Baptist Church

We had a total of 28 Baptism, 62 profession of faith and 2 people joining (one evangelist from a sister church in Tema, Accra). There’s an ongoing project to fence the church building by building a wall because of burglaries and trespassing. 3 new Deacons were added. The library building construction is temporary suspended. The day school is not going as well as we want because the road is bad and also funds to pay teachers are lacking. More classrooms are needed as some of our Sunday School classes still take place under trees.

Adom Baptist Fellowship

The church added 27 new souls in baptism. There were 32 professions of faith. The grounds for the future construction of the building have been prepared and currently materials are needed to begin. Since it’s close to the orphanage, construction of a structure is a big advantage.

Emmanuel Baptist Church

It is doing well, by God’s grace, with all the challenges at Aburi which is also in the Eastern Region. There’ve been several professions of faith and 21 baptisms this year. The land preparation for construction of a church building is slowly ongoing. Deacon Danso who recently graduated from the University of Ghana and Michael Odei Lartey are leading.

Sonship Community Church

A new church is about to be started In Mampong. The defunct small radio station building has been donated to us. Part of the building will be used for a restaurant to give jobs to the members. So far, prayer meetings and Bible study takes place twice a week.

Women Vocational Training Center

There’s a considerable amount of progress at the construction site. The walls are 95% complete and with the outside designs. With the rise in inflation, we envision an additional $87,000 needed to get the place ready for residence. All plumbing and electrical are 97% complete. Eighteen sinks, 9 units of toilets, and showers with individual hot water units are needed. Tiles for the flooring, air conditioning units, and ceiling fans are also yet to be purchased and fixed. Beds and mattresses are next in line. God keeps blessing my business and we are using the funds for the building and walls. A few hundreds of thousands of dollars have so far been invested.



Baptist Global Missions and Institute

This year, in partnership with Rev. Bill Lambert (Texas), we were able to train in-person a total of 177 pastors and Christian leaders in different locations. Topics treated were:

Man and Sin


Angels and Demons

The church

Certificates were rewarded according to how many times a person has taken the courses. Those who have completed the courses over the past four years were commended. Two people are going to plant churches in predominantly Muslim communities.

Blind Ministry

At the Easter Camp for the Blind that climaxes a year of ministering to the Blind, there were a total of 507 professions of faith and 82 baptisms. Nicholas Koufie (born blind), who we support financially, lost his sister, who was also blind, in September. His father is blind and also his other sibling. The mother is poor and was recommended to me for assistance by the former assistant head teacher and staff for help a few years ago.

School Ministry

A total of 2,908 were reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Six hundred and seven professions of faith were made in 4 schools.

Muslim Evangelism Ministry

This year has been a difficult one with the economic situation. Funds to mobilize and support the work were nowhere to be found. Thirteen Muslims made professions of faith.

Deaf Ministry

At the fellowships we have started in 6 regions, there were a total of 218 professions of faith and 89 baptisms. The annual Christmas camp for the Deaf was highly patronized with many decisions made.

Prison Ministry

A total of 68 prisoners came to Christ in two prison facilities.

Street Children/Orphan Ministry

We fed a total of 5,700 kids. We had 348 professions of faith. Every Sunday, an average of 120 children were fed and benefited from clothing, toys, and/or school supplies which were part of the shipment I orchestrated from the USA.


Jonathan Quarshie

He’s been struggling with his health but is still working hard at sharing the Gospel. He’s not receiving any financial support. He’s praying for $7,000 to purchase land.

Ebenezer Forson

He’s been called to take the pastor position in the central region so he can get a salary to enable him move his family there and also to start the church plant. He’s currently helping with preaching occasionally at Adom Baptist Church.

Donaldson Ayiku-Sewor

Pastor Donaldson is still gradually recovering from his stroke. Currently, he’s unable to walk without any walking aid. The good news is that he’s still able to preach and teach. He’s still working on completing the roof of the church building and also working on the floor. Please, keep him in your prayers as he needs financial assistance for the expenses of medication and church building materials.

Village Evangelism Ministry

Three villages were targeted and there were a total of 163 professions of faith.

Other Ministries Including Shipping Containers

A forty-foot container was shipped from Indianapolis, Indiana which included a motorcycle donated by a church member from Cornerstone Baptist Church. Currently, we owe almost $3,000 which we borrowed to pay customs duty. There was also a 20-foot container shipped from California.

Physically Challenged Ministry

We continue to partner with Joni Erickson Tada to reach the world for Christ. This year, there have been 31 professions of faith. A few benefited from the wheelchair distribution.

Praise for:

  1. New converts, baptized, and baptismal candidates
  2. Progress in construction of the Women’s Vocational Training Center
  3. Progress in the construction of Adom Baptist’s walls and construction in other areas
  4. New church plant ongoing at Mampong
  5. Fairly good health for my mom who celebrated her 89th birthday on December 3rd
  6. Protection and provisions for all my businesses and travels

Prayer for:

1.Continuous good health

  1. God to heal my friends and relatives who have requested for prayers for themselves and loved ones
  2. IGM pastors in Ghana who have no financial support
  3. The balance of the custom duties to be paid
  4. Travels in the USA
  5. My business to grow and expand so I can put more in ministry.
  6. Salvation for my mom and siblings
  7. Finances to improve
  8. Additional prayer and material and financial supporters
  9. New church plants
  10. Almost $3,000 to pay for the balance of custom duties.
  11. Inflation globally and especially in Ghana will come down.


Still praising the Lord,

Pastor Alex B.

Philippians 4:13