Greetings, prayer partners and friends.

It has been a pleasure working with you all along the way.

I thank all of you for the tremendous support you have rendered toward our ministry in Uganda where we managed to organize our annual women’s conference in Tororo and annual leaders’ conference which was at Trinity College in Maala.

We held our annual conference for the youth from all of our churches at Munamba Baptist Church December 15-18, 2022. We expected to have at least 400 youths and were hoping to nurture them spiritually. We planned to have poem recitations, memory verses, and choir competitions.

We considered this an excellent and exceptional opportunity to enable our people to debate pressing global issues, to challenge students to take on new perspectives, to prepare the young ones to become world leaders who know God, and to build strong new friendships that span across the globe.

We looked forward to an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable conference. As the host team we tried our best to make this experience unparalleled and enriching for everyone.



Pastor John Wesonga