Dear beloved in our mighty Lord Jesus Christ, greetings!

By God’s faithfulness, my family and I are doing well, and our ministry is going well. We trust you are all fine, protected from covid-19 and all kinds of diseases and the effects of hurricanes.

We really appreciate your prayers and financial support that enable us to go forward in the Lord’s field. May God give you long life, health, strength, and all kinds of blessings so that you may serve Him better and better.

My country, Burkina Faso, is still facing terrorism with the worst of it in the towns and villages far from the Capital and the big cities. Many churches and schools are still closed. Terrorists chased many farmers out of their fields, killing some of them and stealing their flocks. Without farming, there will not be enough food and poverty increases. Only God can set this country free. Please, be praying.

Family News

By God’s faithfulness, so far in the ‘’big’’ cities, there is life and the ministry there is surviving.

Our survival support is seriously reduced. It is hard for us but we are still serving the Lord, and from day to day, we are living in His care.

By God’s grace, I’m doing well and working in the discipleship trainings, pastors’ trainings, and sometimes doing discipleship manual translation.

My wife, Essita (Esther), is well. Once a week, she is teaching kids’ Bible studies and manual activities. She is also teaching a women’s team for income-generating activities.

Our first daughter, Lois Phoebe, completed a practical training after obtaining the degree in Communication for Development. She is looking for employment. In the ministry, she is a singer.

Eunice, our second daughter, will do her 3rd year at university She is studying Management of Hospital Services. In the ministry, she is a singer and a pray-er.

Nathan is trying again for his high school diploma and in the church, he is a drummer.

Our youngest girl, P. Blessing, is doing high school class 4. She is preparing for the Undergraduate Diploma Exam.

All of our orphans are living with relatives.  One of them, David Ilboudo, has a supporter through FMI.

About the Children’s School

For this school academic year 2022- 2023, we don’t have the total amount needed for our children’s schooling.

The total we need for schooling is $2512 USD. We can pay $1284 USD and we are looking for $1228 USD to have our children attend their school.

Ministry News

In our ministry, discipleship is our priority.  We are training our little community and outside in the other Bible Faith Center.

In the Church

We are training 11 people to become sharers of evangelism (soul- winners). Five of them are in training to become disciple makers.

A young girl from our assembly who is attending university completed the baptism course. She may be baptized soon by God’s grace.

Other Ministries

Fourteen teenagers from an external center are being trained in the basics of the faith. Twelve of them decided to take the next step which is to become mature disciples. We started with a new team of 15 teenagers.

I am also managing a team of translators who are translating the discipleship manual from French to the Gulimancema language. That manual may equip about a thousand pastors to be teachers of trainers in the topic of church planting and discipleship teaching.

Our Worship Place

We are still doing our Sunday services and mid-week meetings in Noali’s family house. The little shelter there where we are meeting is too narrow now.

The fact that we don’t have a proper place to worship has affected the numerical growth of the church and the ministry expansion. More than 50% from our community are no longer here. As we are ending our Gospel-sharing and disciple-making trainings, we want to do outreach. We believe many may receive the Lord. But now, where can we welcome the new converts? The Lord knows. We are searching for land where the church can build a meeting place for worship. Join us in prayer, the Lord has the solution. The land and the money belong to God. Please pray.  Let’s see now our prayer points.

Prayer Points


We thank God for the life of our prayer and financial partners.

We are praising God for sparing our city, Ouagadougou, from civil war during the last coup.

We thank God for our ministry survival, and for our family and community’s good health.

We thank God for our country, Burkina Faso’s, survival in spite of persistent terrorism.

We thank God for Noali’s family that is hosting our church meetings.

We thank God for the discipleship training and manual translation.


We are praying for God to give long life and blessings to our partners.

Pray for God to deliver Burkina Faso and its neighborhoods from terrorism.

Pray that the Lord will provide for our ministry a piece of land. This has become an urgent need.

Pray that the Lord will provide for our children’s schooling. We are looking for $1228 USD.

Pray for a fruitful December outreach. All our little churches may be involved as they are trained.

Pray for the Lord to increase our monthly support and to provide a house for our family.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the communion of the Holy Spirit stay abundantly with you.

Thimote & Essita Dayamba

Baptist Bible Partnership Ministry

Emmanuel Church of Bendogo