Dear Praying Partners,

What a wonderful time of year as the fall is ushered in with the changing of the leaves. This is my favorite time of the year as I travel across the country seeing the beauty of God’s handiwork through the vibrant colors of the leaves changing🥰🥰. God is so good!!!!!

My travels have ramped up these past few months with visits to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, and West Virginia. I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with many of our supporting churches and what God is accomplishing in their midst. I just returned from a church in Tippacanoe, IN and was so impressed at the progress they have made on their new building renovations. Wow, and to find out most of the work is done through their local congregation working on the weekends. Such commitment and dedication to HIM!!! The CHURCH is alive and well!!!!


Our churches in Ivory Coast continue to push ahead and are seeing a steady growth through conversions on a weekly basis. This steady growth is brought about through our evangelism team, Jesus film, men’s Bible studies, women’s Bible studies, youth groups, children’s ministries, and evangelism outreach. In fact, Pastor Winde, who is working in the Bouake area, just sent pictures of 7 of their young men who were recently led to Christ receiving their Bibles. Our pastors continue to stay the course even during these difficult days of constant attacks from the enemy in the form of witch doctors, terrorists, and corrupt govt. officials. They continue to put their lives on the line for His cause!! It has become increasingly more difficult to buy land for churches as the Muslim movement is attempting to buy up all the available land for the sole purpose of keeping us from putting churches up. Their goal is to put a mosque on every corner in every city, town, and village. They have the ear of the government and have priority on everything. Yet we fight on for HIS cause!

This past week, one of our pastors was sharing with me how God has opened the door for them to obtain land for their recently planted church in spite of the work of the enemy. Thus, we are working on putting up a portable chapel on the property to accommodate the 80 members we now have there. The cost of this is $4500 – -$5000. This entails a 12×16 foot pavilion made of all steel (steel poles, steel a-beams, and a metal roof). This allows them protection from the heat and rain. Later, as we raise more funds, we would close it all in with block, doors, and windows. The total cost for the building would be $17000, thus making the pavilion more affordable for now. Please prayerfully help us with this urgent need. God is so good and always finds a way.😉

In addition to our church planting efforts, our Bible School in Abidjan, under the direction of our Pastor Antoine, continues to push forward with the training of Godly men for the ministry. This year, we have more than 20 students and are encouraged in their zeal for His kingdom. Pray for these students as they study and equip themselves with the Word of God!!

We are also in need of providing another well for our church in Valvoua. They have no running water in their location and desperately need a source of water. A well will keep them from constantly having water trucked in from another area. These wells cost us $8500, and give our people the physical water they need. Our well that was recently put in, in the city of Bouake, has been an encouragement to that community and is also used as a tool for evangelism. As each person waits in line for their turn for water, it gives our church people an opportunity to reach out to them with the Gospel. We are seeing lives changed for Him through this ministry tool!!

We also want to thank those of you who have helped purchase motorcycles for our pastors in need of transportation. We still have two pastors left that need one. These are costing us $2500 apiece which include bike, helmet, one year’s insurance, and one tank of gas.  Prayerfully consider helping.


Lastly, our Orphanage Ministries continue to increase in numbers as the need becomes greater throughout the various countries around the world.  We ask that you commit $40 monthly to support one of these needy children for a year. These funds help feed, clothe, and educate a child for a month. Our thought is that having committed to this for a year, you will continue their support after that for years to come. I just received word from one of our pastors in Kenya that 4 of his orphans just received Christ. It’s a life-changing opportunity for each of us to participate in.


Denise is definitely progressing on her long journey back from her diagnosis of lupus nephritis. She continues her regiment treatment of meds, shots, and rehab. She is currently in water rehab twice a week. We are seeing progress, realizing that life for her will be a different normal. God is good. Keep your prayers coming.

Aiden is in 6th grade and doing so well in school. He loves soccer and plays on a rec team. We still have him a few weekends each month, vacations, and 3 weeks in summer. He loves the Lord and struggles being away from us. Keep him in your prayers!

We thank each of you for your faithful prayers and giving in helping us make a difference for Christ in Ivory Coast.


With Much Love,

Jim for the Arnolds


Prayer Needs:

Pray for funds for a portable chapel. ($5000)

Pray for funds for a well. ($8500)

Pray for funds for 2 motorcycles for our pastors. ($2500 apiece)

Pray for the complete healing of Denise.

Pray for wisdom as we strategize for locations for new church plants.